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Mark is currently the President of Arbeter Investments LLC and runs a newsletter entitled "On The Mark" focusing on technical analysis of the U.S. markets. Mark recently ended a 26 year career with Standard & Poor’s Equity Research as their Chief Technical Strategist. He made several important market calls, focusing on the intermediate to long-term. Mark is a traditional chartist with a broad understanding of technical analysis, including chart reading, momentum analysis, intermarket analysis, sector analysis, sentiment, and Elliott Wave. He is a Chartered Market Technician, holding a degree in Finance and Economics from Temple University and an MBA from Rider University. You can follow Mark on Twitter and StockTwits: @MarkArbeter.
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Gold Oversold: Will Mini-Capitulation Lead To A Rally?

The SPDR Gold Trust Shares ETF (GLD) has stabilized over the past week. This might not sound like much, but could be very important as prior to this calmness, GLD was in a mini-free fall. Whether this is just a pause in the downtrend or a market that is ready to put…

S&P 500 Technical Outlook: A Look Ahead For Stocks

Like clockwork, the S&P 500 ran out of gas at the top of the price range that goes all the way back to February. As a technician, I have been trained to make a call on the market, generally up or down. Maybe the toughest call of all is sideways….