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Chart Of The Week: Gold Prices Nearing Key Support Zone

Gold prices continue to meander sideways. In fact, Gold has moved sideways for the better part of two years. For much of last year, Gold bulls chalked up the sideways move to strong consolidation in the face of a rising US Dollar. But the dollar has weakened over the past several weeks… and so has Gold. And that’s not good news for Gold bulls. On Friday, Gold prices slipped back

Silver Price Targets For Current Corrective Wave Higher

Silver prices have gotten a boost lately so I think it’s time to provide an update on what the charts are saying. But today I’m going to do something a little different and actually start from a shorter time frame to demonstrate why I think (the operative word “think” – not – “know”) that this move in Silver will go higher in over near term BUT ultimately make it back

Gold Miners ETF (GDX): Chart Says Rally May Be Brewing

The stock market has been hovering near all-time highs for months but hasn’t been able to breakout. If the stock market doesn’t get going soon, it could head lower. And should that happen, investors will be looking for somewhere to put there month. For several years, investors have moved quickly to bonds. But perhaps this time could see a capital move to the Gold Miners ETF (GDX). As you can

Why Silver Prices May Trade Higher In The Short-Term

The past several weeks have seen Silver prices consolidate in a wide range. This range indicates a still indecisive market for precious metals. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities for traders. The iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV) captures a nice potential trading setup for SLV in the weeks ahead. But before we look at the technical setup for Silver, let’s briefly cover some fundamentals. The Fundamental Backdrop For

Why This Commodities Bust Could Test Investor Patience

Commodities continues to be a hot topic. And there are several reasons for this. Here are five that come to mind: Crude Oil continues to fish for a bottom. Gold prices have languished ever since peaking back in 2011. Interest rates and the inflation/deflation debate continue to rage. Commodities striking divergence from US Equities. And of course, the soaring US Dollar. Commodities sure have a way of touching all of

Precious Metals Report Card: Silver Prices In The Spotlight

Precious metals have garnered a lot of attention lately, with both gold and silver taking the spotlight. In this post, we’ll dig into silver prices to see what’s happening and what may be in store. We’ll also look back at previous articles I wrote on silver and whether or not our projected target(s) have been met. Be sure to also read my recent companion article on Gold. Looking back over

Precious Metals Report Card: Gold Futures Near Key Level

Wow, it seems like the daily news stream is almost overflowing. The Middle East conflict(s), crude oil prices, unemployment levels, manufacturing levels, a downward revision of Q1 2015 GDP, PMI, the Federal Reserve’s hint of a rate hike, etc. So how is all this affecting the price of Gold Futures? Not only has Spring sprung but Gold Futures prices have sprung up a bit recently. Let’s go back and review our

Silver Prices, Sentiment Trying To Bottom: ETF Levels To Watch

While many point to the Federal Reserve as the tide that raises all ships, the boats carrying commodities have all but sank over the last couple of years. Silver prices have fallen nearly 30% since it’s 2014 high alone and made a series of lower highs and lower lows. It’s hard to argue against the notion that Silver is in a bear market as each rally gets faded. We can also