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Andy is the founder of See It Market. He has been actively investing for over 15 years with a strong focus on technical analysis and swing trading. His blogs, articles, and contributions have appeared on numerous websites, including Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Business Insider,, and Benzinga to name a few. Andy has also been interviewed and cited across several media outlets. In addition to founding and managing See It Market, Andy enjoys actively investing, playing and watching sports, and spending time with friends and family - especially his wife and three children. Andy recently ended a long stint in the financial services industry to focus on See It Market and private trading. He is a 1998 graduate of Carleton College and resides in the Minneapolis area.
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S&P 500 Market Update: The Forever Bid?

The bid under the S&P 500 has been relentless this year. Or so it seems. The S&P 500 is up just 3.1 percent but it seriously feels like it should be up 10 percent or more. Simply because it won’t go down, even when it feels like it should. Odd, but let me walk through a few reasons. 1. It feels like the forever bid to nowhere (or at least

Chart Of The Day: German DAX Bounces Off Key Trend Line

Over the last two weeks, the German DAX stock market index has tested and held its uptrend line from last October. Holding this trend line would be a huge win for European stocks, as well as other major stock market indices. Here’s why. First, the German DAX has been a global leader since last October. While U.S. equities (i.e. the S&P 500) were consolidating in early 2015, the German DAX was

Intel Corp (INTC) Stock Update: Base Building

When I last looked at Intel Corp. (INTC), the stock had just put out strong earnings and was attempting to bounce after a 3 month decline of around 25 percent. At that time, the setup and earnings report looked good but we were waiting to see if the “big money” felt the same. As well, the stock price (at that time) was below it’s 50 day moving average and downtrend. Here’s an

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Chart Update: Price Pattern Still In Play?

Apple’s stock has spent the past few months consolidating some big gains. And the consolidation range has been wide and tradable for those that are more active. But as Apple Inc. (AAPL) nears its all-time highs again, investors are busy debating whether slowing momentum will lead to a top. That’s a valid question and long-term investors will need to watch price indicators closely to determine exposure. This past February, I

Can The Bank Stocks Lead The Market Higher?

Several key bank stocks came out of earnings season with some renewed energy. The recent rally has helped the broader stock market push to new all-time highs. At the same time, the sector is nearing an important point for investors. Can the banks lead the stock market higher yet? Or will the rally falter? JP Morgan Chase (JPM) and Goldman Sachs (GS) have been recent leaders amongst the money center banks. But even

Gold Prices Higher: But Advance Likely To Be Volatile

With the US Dollar down nearly 7 percent from its highs, one would think Gold and Silver would be off to the races. Well, they are moving higher, but not exactly racing. Silver has seen a bit more pop than Gold, but that’s to be expected due to its higher beta. Note that I highlighted the trading setup in Silver last week (and I just sold my trading position there).

Stock Market: Worst Start For Year 3 Of Presidential Cycle Since 1950

This past weekend I was visited by good friend and quantitative market guru Ryan Detrick. We spent a lot of time talking markets and looking at various types of indicators and ratios. Ryan also ran me through a lot of very cool research, covering market sentiment, seasonality, economic interests and general market history. It was a lot of fun. One chart of Ryan’s that I found particularly interesting, was his S&P 500

Emerging Markets Trading Setups: ETFs In Mean Reversion

The Emerging Markets space has been an interesting one. All hopes of a rally last summer were dashed by a soaring US Dollar. But 2015 has been a different story, seeing what investors believed to be a relief rally, turn into an extended rally when the dollar began to crack during March/April. But after a strong rally in the Emerging Markets ETF (EEM), and one that took the ETF within

Market Remains Volatile Into Friday’s Jobs Report

It’s been a volatile week for the markets. After opening the week higher, the S&P 500 reversed course and headed lower on Tuesday and Wednesday seeing a peak to trough drop of 2120 to 2067 (roughly 2.5 percent). Today was better, closing up 0.38 percent. However, the overall action has been choppy and uncertain. And all of this as we head into Friday’s Jobs Report. Yesterday, I posted about the