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Andy is the founder of See It Market. He has been actively investing for over 15 years with a strong focus on technical analysis and swing trading. His blogs, articles, and contributions have appeared on numerous websites, including Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Business Insider,, and Benzinga to name a few. Andy has also been interviewed and cited across several media outlets. In addition to founding and managing See It Market, Andy enjoys actively investing, playing and watching sports, and spending time with friends and family - especially his wife and three children. Andy recently ended a long stint in the financial services industry to focus on See It Market and private trading. He is a 1998 graduate of Carleton College and resides in the Minneapolis area.
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S&P 500 Nears All Time Highs: Chart Implications

As I type, the S&P 500 is within one point of its all time highs set back in February. The question now is whether we will see a new leg higher that leaves this choppy consolidation behind? Or will the choppiness persist, limiting the move? Here is a chart showing the break above the upper wedge line around 2107. This lead to the quick move higher to test the S&P

Teucrium Agriculture ETFs: Bottoms Up or Bottoms Down?

The longer the US Dollar Index remains at or near 100, the more difficult it will be for the common grains (Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat) to put in a bottom. As I’ve mentioned before, Corn’s chart looks the best but time and price are beginning to wear on investors. Wheat and Soybeans continue to trade near their respective lows, but recent rallies have offered a little breathing room. Let’s walk through

Market Breadth Indicators Mixed As Stocks Near Highs

Back on April 1, I posted a series of charts looking at the overall health of the markets in terms of the S&P 500 and market breadth. The article was entitled “Running To Stand Still”, a tribute to a great U2 song that seemed to define the trading environment we are in. I thought I’d provide a quick update to that chart post while expanding the metrics. Using the chart below as

S&P 500 Update: Wedge Pattern Keeping Market Bulls In Check

The past several weeks have been an adventure for active investors. To be honest, I’ve been itching to be more active, but my experience has told me that sometimes less is more. Earlier this week I highlighted a major S&P 500 Fibonacci extension level that resides just overhead around 2140. This area coupled with some other near-term fibs makes 2130-2160 interesting. But when and how we get there is another

Netflix Earnings Trigger Big Breakout For Stock Price

For much of the past year, Netflix (NFLX) stock has traded sideways in a wide range (150 points!). The size of that range probably made it difficult for longer term investors to hold on, but those who did were rewarded by Netflix earnings report last night. It wasn’t so much then earnings and revenue that wowed investors, as Netflix earnings report was mostly in-line with analyst expectations (they reported 0.77

S&P 500 Within Reach Of Major Fibonacci Level

It’s inevitable, every time investors start to “look” higher, the market reverses and punishes them. This has happened several times in 2015 as the markets have been volatile and choppy. But with the stock market back near all time highs, a major S&P 500 Fibonacci target comes into play again. Back in late February, I posted about the 1.618 Fibonacci extension from the ’09 lows back above the ’07 highs.

Intel Earnings Strong, But Stock Has Work To Do

After the closing bell, we were greeted with another slew of earnings reports to sift through. One after hours mover that caught my eye was Intel (INTC). The Intel earnings report was applauded with a 3 percent rise in after hours trading. By the numbers: Intel earnings came in at $0.41 on $12.78 Billion in revenue. The consensus was $0.40 on $12.83 Billion in revenue. So what’s the big deal? Well, as

Are Consumer Stocks Ready To Roll? …Or Roll Over?

After a period of sideways price action, active investors are hoping that earnings season provides some clarity. Yesterday, I wrote a post about the importance of this week’s bank earnings and how the financial sector is an importance gauge of market health. Today, I’ll look at the consumer and highlight why consumer stocks are also at important juncture. Investors received a bit of a surprise in the April Jobs Report, as the employment numbers came

Bank Earnings In Focus: Wells Fargo (WFC) And JPMorgan (JPM)

After years of participating in the markets, I know how important the financials are to the overall health of the broader equities market. As Todd Harrison used to say, “as go the piggies, so goes the poke.” And this theme may become even more important in the days ahead as bank earnings hit the markets this week. The banks have joined the broader market theme of choppy consolidation over the past several months. Two

S&P 500 Update: Move Higher Nears Wedge Resistance

Since the February highs on the S&P 500, traders have been taken for a ride within a developing wedge pattern. And the recent rally in stocks looks set to test the upper edge of the wedge line. Why? The near-term rally broke out above near-term resistance on the S&P 500 at 2089 (March 30 and April 7 highs). I’ve been watching this level all week, and today it finally gave way. The S&P