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Will Sister Semiconductor Stocks Other Shoe Drop?

Most of the past week, we focused on the Semiconductors ETF (NYSEARCA: SMH). We called our sister of the...

Stock Market Data, News Create Cloudy Period for Investors

Last week the S&P 500 Index (SPX), after hitting a new cycle high mid-week, closed down for the five-day period reflecting global...

U.S. Equities Outlook: Some “Wear and Tear” but Trends Remain Bullish

Stock market trends remain bullish, though last Fridays decline was sufficient to put some "Wear and Tear" into momentum and breadth.

Stock Market Today: Economic Growth Fears Weigh

Stock market volatility returned last week, as investor concerns mounted following the Fed's statement. What looked to be a...

Will Inflation Come Back to Bite Federal Reserve In 2019?

With the Fed pivot last week and the inversion of the yield curve, investor sentiment has swiftly surrendered to the bearish side. Indeed, it's...

S&P 500 Forecast Turns Choppy As Stocks Form Intermediate Top

Look for another week in which rallies fail, as stocks continue to build an intermediate top. The S&P 500 (SPX) fell 21...

Weekly Stock Market Outlook: Bulls Retreat… But for How Long?

Despite Friday’s weakness, S&P 500’s posture remains strongly bullish in intermediate and long terms. The extreme low on...

U.S. Dollar Index: More Strength Ahead?

The US Dollar pulled back last week, touching its uptrend channel support line. But, as we thought it would,...

Semiconductor Stocks Go From Wonder Woman to Mistress of Gloom

Semiconductors: From Wonder Woman to Mistress of Gloom Most of the past week, we focused on Semiconductors SMH.

Nike (NKE) Issues Weak Guidance, Topping to End Market Cycle

Nike (NKE) fell 6% on Friday, after the footwear maker posted earnings that beat Wall Street expectations but included disappointing guidance. 

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