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5 Weekend Thoughts: Stock Valuations, Rating Agencies, and Social Media

By Alex Salomon 1. Whether you invest for the long haul, for retirement or big plans or putting kids through college; or trade actively; and even...
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5 Weekend Thoughts: Bad Jokes, Euro Bonds, and Happy Father’s Day

By Alex Salomon 1. A bit of humor to start... I heard from an extremely reliable source, a friend of an acquaintance's of my third cousin's...
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Sweet Hopes and Greece Dreams

By Alex Salomon With my eyes fully opened, I am keenly aware that Greece is facing yet another moment of national destiny, where they could finally...
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Interview With Steve Bowron and Gary Schindler: The Rise of Community Colleges

By Andrew Nyquist For Steve Bowron and Gary Schindler, education isn’t just another field; it’s a way of life. As Deans at their respective Community Colleges,...
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5 Weekend Thoughts: Big Ben, EU Bonds, and Politics

By Alex Salomon 1. Short and sweet yet arguably my most important finding of the week: I firmly believe that neither the ECB nor the Fed...

Medicare, Reagancare and Obamacare: A Brief History of Healthcare Reform

By Greg Naylor This blog is my attempt to provide some government healthcare history along with a politically independent analysis of Obamacare, treating Democrats and...
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Is the Fed Losing Control of the Dollar?

By Andrew Nyquist So here we are again, trying to weigh the significance of the US economic slowdown as it pertains to the upcoming Federal Reserve...
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5 Weekend Thoughts: Memorial Day, Low Rates, and EU Poker Games

By Alex Salomon 1. Thankful week, Memorial week... What a week for active traders: It was either a great week (for those positioned short or out...
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5 Weekend Thoughts: Euro Style

By Alex Salomon 1. "Duh" moment of the week: France's Francois Hollande insisting on Eurobonds is proof that he is not willing to implement the structural...
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Grexit: 5 Scenarios Facing Greece

By Alex Salomon So many articles are being written about the impending exit of Greece from the Euro and maybe parts of the European Union,...

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