Apple (AAPL) Stock Nearing $100 Support, IBM At Crossroads

James Bartelloni

If you are unfamiliar with my thesis on Apple, Inc (AAPL – quote) and International Business Machines (IBM) for 2015, it goes something like this:  IBM should start to outperform at some point in 2015, and AAPL may begin to underperform. And with AAPL $100 support coming into view and IBM $150 support in view; investors need to pay attention here.

Here’s some research past research posts on the subject:

Quick update on this relationship. These two posts (and charts below) need to be monitored closely. IBM appears weak, still. It is going through a dreaded retest of a very important support level. In short, a breach of $150 would likely signal lower prices for IBM stock. And Apple appears to be seeking it’s former high around $100. And it is this AAPL $100 support level that also ties out in time and price, making it a critical level to hold for stock bulls.

Click to enlarge charts.

IBM Stock Chart – Retest of recent lows… $150 Key Support

IBM 150 technical support level stock price chart


AAPL Stock Chart – AAPL $100 Support Level Very Important

aapl 100 technical support stock price level_2015


Stay tuned.  And, as always, thanks for reading.


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