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Is America Nearing a Tipping Point?

By Jeff Voudrie I believe that the United States is still the best country in the world. I am proud to be an American and am...
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5 Thoughts: Portfolio Philosophy, the Human Condition, and a Farewell to Neil

By Alex Salomon The last week of the trading summer came and went and the full grind of things is about to get started again. In...
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5 Thoughts: Politics, Olympics and Markets Oh My!

By Alex Salomon Another week is upon us and this edition is really bordering on total randomness. On with my 5 thoughts! 1.  Political Randomness... Although a non-Mormon,...
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July Market Report and Economic Update

By Greg Naylor July was an eventful month, as the LIBOR* scandal made headlines, drought spread across America’s farmland, and Mario Draghi, the president of...
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5 Thoughts: Dollar Holler and the Deconstruction of Dogma

In this week's column, I'd like to look at the dogma and mystery surrounding the correlation between a cheaper US Dollar and a higher...
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Metro Meals On Wheels: Non-Profit Insights and Serving the Greater Good

By Pat Rowan I often hear it mentioned that non-profits should be run more like businesses. While challenging that notion has led to some great...
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Credit Crunch Hits China

By Jeff Voudrie Many retired wealth investors and those developing retirement income strategies believe that China will pull the world out of its economic slump. As...

Retail Investors Fleeing

By Jeff Voudrie Equity mutual fund outflows continue while equity trading volume is at historic lows. Yes, retailer investors are still fleeing. Over recent years investors have seen unprecedented volatility,...
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5 Weekend Thoughts: PIIGS, Oil, and Apple Stock

By Alex Salomon Another week punctuated by my increasingly random thoughts! But come on, it's always fun! This weeks thoughts range from more European political and...
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4 Key Questions on China’s Transition to a Consumer Economy

By Joshua Schroeder Recently there has been a lot of focus on near term fears of an economic hard landing in China. Talking heads continue to...

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