Michael Lebowitz Interview: Data Not Supportive Of Fed Rate Hike

With the FOMC meeting concluding and an announcement set to come shortly, I thought it would be worthwhile to share a recent interview that I did with Airex Markets. In this interview, I expand on my firms thoughts around the Federal Reserve, its monetary policy, and the prospect of a Fed rate hike. You can also read about many of those thoughts in our recent article here on See It market: “The Fed And It’s Recent History Of Unrealized Expectations… The Echoing Conundrum“.

In sum, economic data is signaling weakness and the most recent monthly inflation data is deflationary (see chart below). Yet the Federal Reserve continues to press on with threats of interest rate hikes. Kelsey Crouch and I discuss this odd dynamic along with other issues related to the outcome of the Federal Reserve meeting concluding today.

Listen in here: Michael Lebowitz Interview With Airex Markets

inflation expectations chart september 2015
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