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Why Twitter Stock May Be Targeting $10

Folks, I've been covering the markets for a long time. I don't simply share ideas on the market, I share what I am seeing...
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GoPro Stock Price Craters: Where Will GPRO Bottom?

It's been a roller coaster ride for GoPro (GPRO) stock investors. Since the IPO, GoPro's stock price surged higher (almost hitting $100 per share),...
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Treasuries Find A Bid As Stock Market Volatility Jumps

I my best to make time to communicate my thoughts on the markets each week. This week, I am going to share an article...
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Is The US Dollar Index Topping? (Chart Spotlight)

One of my favorites trading setups thus far this year is taking shape in the US Dollar Index futures ($DX_F). Check out the monthly...
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Big Bad China: The World’s Latest Economic Headache

It seems as though every day we are inundated with news out of China. Investors are already concerned. The offshore renminbi (CNH) is more...
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Volatility Divergence Hints At Binary Outcome Next Week

Okay everyone, it’s time to take off your tin foil hats and climb out of the bomb shelter. Simply put, sellers are more aggressive than...
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Global Markets In Review: Will China Spur A Bear Market?

December was a fairly uneventful month as activity across the global markets was light due to various holidays.  On a personal note, I went...
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S&P 500 Futures Rise As Buyers And Sellers Wrestle For Control

The Morning Report: Market Buyers Struggle At Bounce Zone The futures markets are bouncing after another nasty drop into the primary support zone near 1930....
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Is Slowing Economic Growth Catching Up With Stocks?

Looking Back Most investors will be happy to have 2015 in the rear-view mirror. The S&P 500 Index eked out a 1.4% return including dividends....
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S&P 500 Futures Continue To Flirt With Lower Support

The Morning Report: S&P 500 Futures Continue To Flirt With Lower Support The markets are down again this morning after a sharp rally into resistance...

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