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Will Icahn’s ‘Half Price’ Approach Boost Apple Stock?

Apple has been accumulating cash for several years now. And Carl Icahn has been accumulating Apple stock for several months. And Icahn wants Apple...
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Corn vs US Dollar: Chart of the Day

Many are aware of the the recent US Dollar strength. As well, many are aware of the weakness in commodities. After all, strong moves...
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Grain Sector Rebounds: Corn, Wheat Prices Surge

Several headwinds, including a stronger US Dollar and a bumper global crop have hit the grain sector over the past several months. Take Corn...
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Chart Flip: Is A Russell 2000 Breakout In The Cards?

From time to time I like to look at various markets from a different perspective, as I am always on the lookout for chart...
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October Isn’t All That Bad For Stocks [Video]

My pal Jeff Macke of Yahoo Finance saw the piece I wrote on See It Market about October seasonality and he made it into...
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Twitter Upgraded To Overweight, Stock Battles Resistance

Earlier today, JP Morgan analyst Doug Anmuth upgraded Twitter (TWTR) to an overweight rating, raising his price target to $64/share. This was enough to buoy...
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Why GoPro Stock (GPRO) Is Set For A Pullback

Wow, GoPro (GPRO) has been another amazing rocket ship post-IPO stock. Shares of GoPro stock have been on a continuous ride higher since the...

Crude Oil Drilled In Early Thursday Selloff

Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures (CL) for November delivery are trading aggressively lower Thursday morning to as low as $88.18/bbl, pushing the commodity -5.1%...
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Chart: 10 Year Yield Falling Into Fibonacci Support

The 10 year yield continues to dip lower and is now in the 'meat' of Fibonacci support at 2.47%-2.43%. Only a break below 2.30%...
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Emerging Markets Fall Sharply In September to Un-Remember

September wasn't kind to the Emerging Markets (EEM). After ripping higher throughout much of the summer, EEM has been punished by what appears to...

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