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stock market going up

S and P 500 Futures Closing In On Next Target

I posted articles on the S&P 500 futures, the E-mini contract (ES) back in August and November, using my Fibonacci method to provide a...

Dow Transports On The Move: Do Higher Targets Loom?

If you get the chance, please go back and look at the chart from this blog post. Perhaps I was being overly dramatic but I...
stocks vs bonds performance

Rising Risk In Equities Continues To Favor Bonds

My family and I just went to Dollywood yesterday and I greatly enjoyed riding the roller coasters with my kids. The plunges, twists and...
us dollar time clock

Why The US Dollar Index May Be Nearing A Pullback?

The US Dollar has taken the financial markets (and investors) by surprise in 2014. But not simply because it rallied... but because the relentless...
euro rally

Euro Chart Update: Bottom Around The Corner

The key .9438 retracement level is coming into play with regards to the EURO vs USD. My last post on the Euro highlighted this level...
bull bear economy

Financial Markets Review: Equities, Crude Oil, and Disinflation

November was an eventful month for the financial markets, as emerging market currencies, especially the Russian ruble, came under heavy downward pressure along with...

Decline In Crude Oil Prices Stirs Deflation Debate

Since peaking in June around the $106-$107 a barrel level, it's been all down hill for Crude Oil prices (WTI - Quote). And much of...
corn combine harvest

Corn Prices Over $4 Dollars: Can The Rally Continue?

After another leg down in September and early October, Corn prices bottomed and have been rallying ever since. I've covered Corn quite a bit...
reversal higher

Pre-Market Chart Watch: Russell 2000 Ready To Breakout?

Volatility has returned to the markets and with it has come increased beta. This likely has many traders rejoicing, but considering the big move...
united states and russian flag face off

Will Russia’s Market Woes Cause Decoupled US Stocks to Crater?

Most traders speak today of the bull run of the mid-to-late 1990s (place Greenspan's 1996 "Irrational Exuberance" comment right at the epicenter and you'll...

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