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SP 500 Update: Oops, Central Banks Did It Again

It's the rally that just doesn't want to exhale. And this morning the S&P 500 (SPX - Quote) has taken market shorts to the brink....
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NYSE Index: Facing 30-Year Support Line Now As Resistance!

Over the years, the NYSE Index has been a good indicator of broad market health and breadth. So what is this index telling us...
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Back-Testing The Tony Robbins All-Weather Portfolio

Tony Robbins has a new book out this week called MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. The interviews that Robbins did with some...
S&P 500 Sectors

Market Masters: Stop Trading! – What’s Your Edge?

by Charlie Bilello “Both poker and investing are games of incomplete information. You have a certain set of facts and you are looking for situations...
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Is Netflix Stock (NFLX) Ready To Explode Again?

Netflix stock has long been a favorite with option traders due to its high stock price, high implied volatility and explosive stock moves. But following...
high yield bonds

Is The High Yield Divergence A Subtle Warning For US Equities?

Markets peaks are generally not event driven, but rather take time to develop. However, there oftentimes are very subtle warning signs that show up...
trader losing money

10 Reasons Traders Lose Money In The Market

With all the fancy charts, fundamental analysis, and experience with price action, you would think that the majority of traders would be profitable. The...
investor psychology stock market

The Theory Of Reflexivity: A Primer For Today’s Market

The last two years of the U.S. stock market’s relentless bid has been, to say the least, at thing of wonder – especially for...

Is A Sharp Move Coming For Biotech Stocks?

There are some signs that biotech wants to get moving here, making it an important sector to watch in the coming days and weeks. Before...
all time highs

All Time Highs Are Bullish For Stocks. So Why Are These Screaming Caution?

All time highs are bullish almost all the time; and with 41 of them in the 221 trading days year-to-date (18.6% of the time),...

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