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Using a VIX Call Spread as a Downside Hedge

I would like to discuss today another way to hedge your equity portfolio against a major move lower, albeit perhaps indirectly. And we can...
trading options

Options Education: The Short Strangle Options Strategy

I really don’t like being naked short options as a rule. The prospect of potentially unlimited risk would keep me up at night. But...
trading options

Options Education: An All Options Covered Write

The all options covered write strategy is also known as a leveraged covered call. In fact, back on the old trading floor we used to call...
trading options

Options Education: A Butterfly With a Broken Wing

Last week I talked about a low risk directional options trade that I like quite a bit:  The Butterfly. I discussed how I don’t...
trading options

Options Education: The Butterfly Options Strategy

One of the more difficult aspects of writing a column such as this one is that I have little or no idea of the...
trading options, stock options

A Bullish Options Strategy With The Clock On Your Side

I want to discuss today an investment strategy combining stock and options that takes great advantage of time decay. It is absolutely a bullish...
trading options, stock options

Options Trading Education: Let’s Double the Diagonal

In the past two columns I have discussed spreading time, also known as calendar spreads. There are horizontal time spreads which use the same...
trading options, stock options

Options Trading Education: Diagonal Calendar Spreads

I would like to continue my discussion of spreading time by describing diagonal calendar spread options. This spread, unlike the horizontal calendar spread, uses different...
trading options

Options Trading Education: Spreading Time

Today I would like to discuss time. Time is a huge factor in making up the price of an option. Options are a decaying...
trading options

Options Trading: Two by One or One by Two

Today I want to talk about the one by two ratio vertical spread, both long and short. Both are excellent options trading strategies although...

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