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Using the Straddle to Set the Wings of the Iron Condor

After some violent swings as the market continues to digest the pronouncements of Big Bad Ben and the resulting Bond Panic, we very easily...
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My Twist on the Cash Covered Put Strategy

Hello, I’m back after my two week hiatus. For those curious about an amazing bike journey my wife and I made from Amsterdam to...
trading options, stock options

Options Education: Covered Calls Equal Naked Short Puts

It always amazes me how much bad, disingenuous or downright false information there is out there in options education land. And too many people...
trading options

Using Call Options as Upside Insurance

Everyone knows that put options are an excellent protection against a down move. Well, call options can be an excellent protection against an up...
trading options

Options Education: Understanding Synthetic Stock

“I just want to say one word to you, just one word, synthetics” Obviously this is play on the famous quote from that fine old...
trading options

Options Trading Education: Define Your Risk

Unless one is a professional options trader, their options trading setups should include well-defined risk. I do not advise being naked options short, even net...
trading options

Trading Options In Three Dimensions

“It is often easier to tell what will happen to the price of a stock than how much time will elapse before it happens”...

Welcome Note From Randall Liss, New Contributor and Options Guru

By Randall Liss     It is my great pleasure and privilege to have been invited to be a contributor on this fine site....
june options expiration

Trading Iron Condors: Try a Condor But Don’t Lose Your Shirt

Make 10% per month!! Sounds great doesn't it? That's what a lot of option trading websites are claiming these days. Are they false claims?...
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Buying Put Options for Investment Protection

By Jeff Wilson     After writing some lengthy multi part articles, I’ve decided to make this next post to be a lot shorter. Nevertheless, I...

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