Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson is a full time trader and entrepreneur. Having lived in the US, the Philippines, Haiti and having traveled to 19 countries and territories, Jeff takes pride in understanding localized events that have the potential to shape future events across the globe. Jeff enjoys traveling with his wife and experiencing the many various aspects of culture and gastronomy around the globe. Jeff is academically trained in the Jesuit educational system, earning his MA in International Economics and Development from Fordham University in NY and his BA in International Economics European Studies from Loyola Schools, Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines. He considers Macroeconomics and market research analysis to be his strongest traits related to the financial markets. Jeff tends to trade anything and everything from equity markets to forex to commodity futures and its options. He alters trading strategies depending upon the market environment, from tactical to long term investing. Although self taught in trading the market, Jeff credits Josh Belanger and Phil Davis for being great resources on trading options, Christian Gross for all the valuable macro discussions, and Robert Petty, James Stanford, and Frank Perry who have made me a much better short term trader. Jeff lives in NJ with his wife.

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