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Market Momentum and Trend: One Is Not Like the Other

The first and most basic concept is this: Momentum indicators do not represent price trends. Momentum indicators represent momentum trends. -- Robert Miner, High Probability...
trading options

Options Education: The Basics of Exercise and Assignment

Every now again I think it fitting and proper to review some of the basic elements in options working method. Today I am going...
trading stocks

Market Masters: Expanding Your Trading Horizons

by Mercenary Trader      Trading, in and of itself, is a life-altering task. It is not possible to trade well without having other parts of...

Market Masters: Poker-Trading Parallels, Positive Expectation, and Moving Beyond Certainty

by Mercenary Trader      Warren Buffett once said: “I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because...
trading options

Options Strategies For A Broken Stock Trade

Sometimes bad things happen to good stocks. And when this happens, good stock trades can quickly become broken stock trades. Just like a rising...

Bonds 101: Understanding the Price-Yield-Value Relationship

The incessant noise around whether to taper or not to taper got me thinking that it may be a good idea to cover off...
trading psychology

Market Masters: Getting Past Investment ‘Regret’ and Counterfactual Thinking

By Darren Miller     Regret is an ugly word. Regret leads to remorse which manifests itself as we sit and stew about the action (or...
stock trading

Basket Trading For Individual Investors

In this age of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), the idea of basket trading seems to be a foreign concept. After all, ETFs afford the...
elliott wave analysis

Market Masters: Elliott Wave Insights on US Equities

By Walter Murphy    Last week’s action is in line with our expectations. The three prior intermediate corrections from (and including) the June 2012...
stock market relative strength

Market Masters: Using Relative Strength During Market Corrections

During a market correction I focus almost exclusively on finding and studying the price action of individual stocks that are demonstrating relative strength versus...

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