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Is The CBOE SKEW Index Pointing To A Market Bottom?

The CBOE SKEW index measures the market's perception of tail risk looking one month out in time. On Wednesday, all of a sudden this...
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Is A Bottom In Sight For Yahoo Stock? (YHOO)

I have been posting about concerns relating to Yahoo, Inc. (YHOO) dating all the back to last year around the Alibaba (BABA) IPO.  At the...
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7 Charts Highlighting Stock Market Concerns For Bulls

With all the hand-wringing over whether or not the August lows will hold, this is the least of the bulls’ stock market concerns. Bigger...
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4 Stocks Holding Up During The Market Correction

The market correction has taken several stocks down with it. And, to be fair, it may still take down the last one's standing. That said,...
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Why Coffee Futures May Be Headed Higher

Almost all commodities have been hit hard over the past year. Today, I'd like to chart Coffee Futures and share an interesting risk/reward setup...
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Is Google (GOOGL) Setting Up For One More Thrust Higher?

It’s been a while since I took a look at the geometry and patterns at play with Google, Inc. (GOOGL) . For me, it’s...
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When Market Bubbles Burst: Biotech Sector Feels The Pain

When The Bubble Bursts… After reaching 400 in July, the Biotech iShares Sector ETF (IBB) has been exhibiting all the technical hallmarks of a major market...
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German DAX Weighed Down By VW Scandal And DB Concerns

Germany is extremely important right now. And in market terms, that means the German DAX stock market. In the past couple weeks we’ve seen...
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Market Correction Update: Key Fib Support Levels To Watch

Yep, Jesse Felder finally shaved his beard off. Huh? What does that have to do with the S&P 500? It means the S&P 500...
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S&P 500 Market Update: Check Your Ego At The Door

One must remember that bear markets, assuming that is the correct call here, go through phases. In other words, they generally don’t happen overnight....

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