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The Rotation Report: U.S. Equities Atop Global Stock Markets

As stocks in Germany and China try to work through major stock market corrections, the U.S. market and select sectors look pretty good. Market sentiment is...
buy or sell stock market

Are Cyclicals Back? 5 Market Signals To Watch This Summer

Over the last six months, the stock market has traded in a long boring side-ways wave. But signals are there that things should begin to...
japanese stocks trend

Is The iShares Japan ETF (EWJ) Putting In A Double Top?

While the U.S. markets continue to figure out its own identify, whether it’s meant to spend the next few months as a bear or...
federal reserve fomc statements

Thoughts On The FOMC Statement And Key Market Levels

Well, another Fed day came and went in the markets. There's no need to be consumed by their every word, but there are some quality...
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Time To Look For A Reversal In Treasury Yields

In our May 8 post, we suggested that the rise in treasury yields would be short-lived, and that the resumption of a downward trend...
trading stocks

Trading Ideas: 5 Stocks To Watch (SWKS, ALL, LYB, NVAX, MDXG)

Given tomorrow's looming Fed announcement I expected a choppy and directionless trading day today as I thought traders would sit on their hands. Instead, the...
investor looking through time clock

Market Outlook: All Eyes On The Russell 2000

Last week’s price action did not change the overall technical picture. However, the S&P 500 (SPX) remains a laggard, closing the week basically where it began:...
bull market chart bear

Market Breadth Slips Again As Stocks Await “Big Move”

It's amazing how long equity markets can defend poor market breadth and divergences. But if you weren't already aware, divergences and breadth conditions can persist...
bearish stock market sign

The Case For The Bears In 2 Very Important S&P 500 Charts

I suspect that some chatter among the technical crowd may begin to develop about the potentially bearish pattern that appears to be developing on...
oil rig platform - crude energy

Rally In Crude Oil ETF (USO) To Face Near-Term Challenges

The breakdown and increased volatility in crude oil prices since last summer have made forecasting difficult for industry analysts who must follow the intricate...

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