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The Bond Market Blues: In 3 Charts

The warning signs coming from the bond market are getting louder and louder as investors received a fresh red flag signal last week. Let me...
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Is Cisco Stock (CSCO) Worth Buying On A Pullback?

Cisco … an amazing company with amazing technology! Unlike most of my posts where I have no earthly idea of the fundamentals involved in...

Yahoo (YHOO) Topping Pattern Still In Play

A couple weeks back we discussed Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO - Quote) and the topping PATTERN that we saw emerging.  That PATTERN has been hit and...
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Chart Of The Day: Russian ETF (RSX) Feeling The Pain

Russia has had its share of economic pain over recent years, but the past year has really gotten ugly. And this is taking its...
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Apple Relative Strength Check: Yup, Still Strong

There's a lot of buzz around Apple's stock (AAPL - Quote) right now. Not bad timing heading into the holidays. And although Apple's products...
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Amazon Stock (AMZN) At Critical Time And Price Juncture

With Cyber Monday coming up, it’s a pretty huge time of the year for Amazon (AMZN - Quote). Interestingly, it’s also an important point...
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Ford Stock (F) Nearing 2 Important Price Levels

Perhaps Ford (F - Quote) investors were biding their time for the launch of the new aluminum body F-150. Or perhaps this is just an...
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Chipotle Stock: Will Elliott Wave Pattern Slow CMG?

The story of Chipotle (CMG - Quote) is amazing… yes, they only make burrito’s but Chipotle stock is at $657/share AND it’s the story of...
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Is Netflix Stock (NFLX) Ready To Explode Again?

Netflix stock has long been a favorite with option traders due to its high stock price, high implied volatility and explosive stock moves. But following...
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Is Citigroup Stock Poised For A Breakout?

Today, I want to focus Citigroup (C) stock. And more specifically Citigroup stock chart. In the daily chart (below) you can see the classic looking cup...

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