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Why Investors Should Watch 1976 On The S&P 500

Math plays a big role in nature and the financial markets. For instance, several trading algorithms use Fibonacci retracement levels to identify levels where...
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S&P 500 Update: Market Levels And Indicators To Watch

The S&P 500 (SPX) recovered nicely off the lows made this morning (1989.18). After spending much of the morning in negative territory, stocks rallied...
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London’s FTSE 100: Battling 15 year Resistance Level

With London's FTSE 100 Index, the current price area has stood as particularly durable resistance for more than a decade. We are watching to...

Bearish Continuation Patterns Emerge In Energy Sector (XLE)

Energy stocks had an awful Wednesday with the Energy Select Sector SPDR (XLE) losing 3%. What’s surprising is the ETF didn’t even test the falling...

ETFs In Focus: Shift In RSI Weakens Biotech Sector (IBB)

We can use the Relative Strength Index (RSI) in a myriad of ways, but my favorite way is to use it as a straight...
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Moody’s Stock (MCO) In Consolidation: What I’m Watching

Although my main trading focus is on futures, I will from time to time take a closer look at an equity if something catches...
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Stock Market Checkup: Levels To Watch On Major Indices

It’s been a rocky ride thus far for the major stock market indices in 2015. Just 3 weeks ago I wrote about the resistance levels for...
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Apple (AAPL) Stock Nearing $100 Support, IBM At Crossroads

If you are unfamiliar with my thesis on Apple, Inc (AAPL - quote) and International Business Machines (IBM) for 2015, it goes something like...
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Chart Of The Day: NASDAQ 100 Closes On Key Support

Large cap tech stocks had a rough day. And no other index measures this as well as the NASDAQ 100 (NDX).  The NASDAQ 100...
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AAPL Chart Update: Is Apple Ready To Breakout?

As  we draw closer to Apple's 1Q earnings report on January 27th, investor chatter is ramping up. According to Estimize, Wall Street consensus is...

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