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Energy Market Roundup: Will Crude Oil Bottom On Bullish Divergence?

I provided an Energy Market Roundup in mid-November in which I highlighted the price action in Crude Oil, Gasoline, and Natural Gas. You can...
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The Morning Report: S&P 500 Futures Fall; Support Levels To Watch

S&P 500 futures (ES_F) continue to fail as weak buyers have faltered under the pressure of new sellers. The target of 2011 was quickly met...
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Recapping My “Short” Crude Oil Trade

Today I am going to share a quick review of my crude oil trade that I entered on 11/12/15 and closed out on 12/8/15. Before...
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Crude Oil Update: DeMark Analysis Insights And More

Update on DeMark “tells” for Oil Once again, the credit market provided the tell-tale sign that crude oil's sideways consolidation during the last couple of...
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Crude Oil: A Review Of 2015 And Outlook For 2016

Crude Oil 2015 Review and 2016 Outlook - In Charts In 2015, crude oil has been down 19% and continues to fall further as the...
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Crude Oil Prices As Oversold As 1999 Low

Crude Oil is quite simply the most important commodity on the planet. But volatility with Crude Oil prices emerges every time there is conflict in...
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Energy Market Roundup: Key Price Levels For This Month

Energy commodities have taken another significant hit so far this month. Crude Oil is down 12 percent in November and Gasoline is down 9...
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Is The Cascade Lower In Crude Oil Prices Over?

Short answer – probably not, but respite ahead in the short run. Since spiking on October 9, 2015, the chart for Crude Oil prices has...
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Weekly Stock Market Outlook: Rally Gets Ahead Of Itself

What We Are Watching This Week's Stock Market Outlook: Stock Market Rally Got Ahead Of Itself – It is not so much that the 200+ point...
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Why $40 Is A Key Level For Crude Oil Prices

Back in August, I wrote a blog post on Crude Oil showing the “measured move” Crude Oil lower price target as a percentage basis...

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