10-Year Treasury Yield Testing Post-2012 Uptrend (Again)

All Eyes On That 10 Year Treasury Yield... In mid-February, we posted a chart on the U.S. 10 Year Treasury Yield as part of our...
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Is The Bond Market Signaling Caution For Equities?

When equity markets are rallying we can often turn to other key pieces of market data to look for signs of confirmation. It's often thought...
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Are US Treasury Bonds Nearing A Trend Change?

This spring represents an unusual time for interest rates and US treasury bonds. In this post, we examine a recent phenomenon in the yield...
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Has The Reflation Trade Turned A Bullish Corner For Stocks?

The reflation trade is also known as the weak-dollar trade; both refer to leadership from assets that tend to perform well during periods of...
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Market Tell? Watch The $TLT Treasury Bond ETF

Yesterday, I shared a series of charts looking at shorter-term US Treasury Yields and their reaction to the Federal Reserve statement. Most yields reacted...
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Gold And US Treasury Bonds Are At Price Extremes

A combination of recent central bank action and current talk of negative interest rates has brought out a thick wave of investor uncertainty in the...
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9 Market Themes To Watch Heading Into 2016

First of all, I want to say that the purpose of this post is not to make predictions about the future, so if you're...
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Can Junk Bonds Lift Stocks Up Off The Floor?

High yield bonds, also known as junk bonds, have several purposes in the marketplace. One of those is to serve as a key indicator...
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Big Move Lower In Treasury Bonds Has Bears Growling

It was an ugly day for treasury bonds. Let's recap the recent price action of a popular treasury bonds ETF and look for clues as...
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Fed Funds Futures Smash Through Support

Is The Age Of Zero Interest Rates Over? On November 9 I wrote a post detailing why interest rates may be on the rise.  Or...

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