The Best Of ‘See It Market’ – October 2014

Yup, October was a wild month. And we were all over the action… even before it started. Fellow SIM contributor Ryan Detrick’s September 29th post on “Why October May Be A Roller Coaster Ride” gave readers a glimpse of what was to come. And it was all that and more. From the mid-month lows to the end of month highs, the market jumped over 10 percent (in two weeks). If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out Andrew Kassen’s McClellan Oscillator study.


As the market’s were correcting, we had some timely research posts:

I’ve missed a lot of great posts and people, but you can find more of them below. We have such a great team of active investors providing boots on the ground insights and high quality research.

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I hope you will take a few minutes to review some of our best posts from the month in our latest installment of The Best of See It Market. This is your chance to check up on our work – please feel free to provide feedback/comments any time. We appreciate your readership.

US Equities:


Global Equities:




Currencies  &  Commodities:


Look for another installment of “The Best of See It Market” next month.

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