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Marco Di Dionisio is the Founder and Portfolio Manager at DD Capital Fund. He is also a prop trader with a global macro focus. Previously, Marco served as an embassy analyst and writer at ANSA. He is also a free Skier.
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iShares Italy ETF (EWI) Reverses From New Multi-Year Highs

There’s a lot going on over seas. Specifically in Italy. Today, I want to highlight the stock chart of the iShares Italy ETF (EWI), pointing out some key price levels along with some news and fundamentals: –  Important spot here for the Italy ETF (EWI) after this week’s pullback as…

US Dollar Rally: Consolidation Continues Into Fed Meeting

There continues to be lots of talk surrounding the US Dollar following its incredible rally to 14 year highs off Trump’s election victory. So, where does the greenback go from here? Does the US Dollar rally have more room to run? These are questions a lot of traders and investors have…

Tech Sector Review: Apple (AAPL) Joins The Party

The tech sector has been the space to be in the last three months. Anyone involved in financial markets is well aware of that. But the recent strength in Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been adding some fuel to the tech rally and its outperformance of the broad stock market indexes….

5 Gold Charts That Show The Case For Bulls & Bears

Spot gold prices are approaching support at $1200. And I believe this will be an important test. In this “chart” post, I want to share 5 gold charts that highlight how Gold has been weakened near-term. But, at the same time, I also want to show how the longer-term case…