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Crude Oil Prices Pop And Fade: How Far Can The Rally Go?

The big news of the morning is the global effort to ease continues with China’s rate cut and Mario Draghi’s strong words, “It is essential to bring back inflation to target and without delay.” Crude Oil (WTI – Quote) certainly has gotten the message ahead of OPEC’s key Thanksgiving Day meeting next week. As we speak, Crude Oil has broken a 1 month downtrend and is attempting to regain an important

The Importance Of The All Ordinaries Index And AUDJPY

The All Ordinaries Index has yet to hit its SELL pattern target so this pattern is still valid.  The zone of 5760-5835 is the key with the old realiable .786 Fibonacci retracement up at 6060 the highest it should go if the sell pattern remains valid. As you know we NEVER know which one works or doesn’t… What makes this particularly relevant, in my HUMBLED opinion is its correlation to the

Is Natural Gas Setting Up For A Tradable Rally?

Natural Gas has gotten plenty of attention with volatile moves during the latest polar vortex. Prices are down 12% this week as of this writing. Is the rally over? Or was the recent move higher the first leg of a larger move?  Let’s dig in. Looking into the chart, a few things stand out. First, there is a major confluence of support around the 3.90-3.95 area. This is the most

Why Geopolitical Risk Is Rising For Financial Markets

It has been some time since the financial markets braced for (and reacted to) geopolitical conflict. In fact, it’s likely not even on investors radars right now. And it precisely this lack of concern over geopolitical risk that has my antennae up for potential disruption. Last February, investors were forced to adjust to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This came and went over a short period of time, forcing investors to remain connected

US Dollar Update: More Upside For The Buck?

The US Dollar made a big move higher over the summer and spent much of October consolidating those gains. Is it ready to move higher again? On September 12th, 2014 I wrote about the strength of the US Dollar.  In that post I commented on some characteristics of the Dollar’s move higher that indicated more upside was coming. I highlighted a couple points of interest around bullish consolidation phases: 2 areas

The Week In Review: Markets Still Love Quantitative Easing

“What if I am wrong?” This is one of the most important questions that an investor needs to regularly ask themselves. That’s how my commentary last week started, and based on the 3.19% surge in the S&P 500; the 3.94% gain in the NASDAQ and the 4.89% explosion in the Russell 2000 I have to admit that, for the week, I was wrong. The S&P 500 set a new all-time

How Will the Bank of Japan and GPIF Decisions Impact US Stocks?

Markets rejoiced last week over the joint announcements by the Bank of Japan (BoJ) that QQE (and it’s penchant for buying ETFs/stocks) will expand considerably along with a massive reallocation favoring equities in Japan’s largest pension fund (GPIF). But what’s actually going to happen? Here’s how the GPIF breaks down the changes that will begin occurring in their $1.12 Trillion portfolio beginning in April 2015: Let’s put a finer point

Japanese Stocks Trek Higher, But Not Out of the Woods

Pundits, analysts and traders – contentedly oblivious any other time – have fallen under the spell of Japanese equities, rates and monetary policy after the Nikkei 225 (NKY) exploded higher Friday following the tandem release of the Bank of Japan’s (BoJ) latest monetary policy statement promising still more Quantitative and Qualitative Easing (QQE) and the GPIF’s statement presenting yet another new target allocation for their $1.1 trillion portfolio that will

Silver Chart Oversold But Weakness Persists

I’ve been tracking the fall in Silver prices for some time now. On August 24th, 2014 I wrote a post on See It Market about why Silver is losing its luster (i.e. heading lower). In that post, the focus was on two key support levels that gave way and technically weakened silver futures appreciably. Here’s a recap: 26.87 as 1st support (broke) 21.455 as 2nd support level (broke) These levels were derived from

Gold Prices Breaking Down, Fall Out Of Range

After I post charts and opinions, I like to go back a few months later and see how things have progressed. Today I’ll be updating some Gold charts that have been posted over the past few months. And more specifically, I’ll be alluding to my July 27th article on Gold Futures where I made the case for lower Gold prices. In that post, the highlights were: A longer-term target of 1033.4. The consolidation