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Will Russia’s Market Woes Cause Decoupled US Stocks to Crater?

Most traders speak today of the bull run of the mid-to-late 1990s (place Greenspan’s 1996 “Irrational Exuberance” comment right at the epicenter and you’ll know the period I’m talking about) with a far-off look of nostalgic bliss (those who were there) or a kind of wonderment and hushed veneration (from those who weren’t). The period’s mythos is entirely grounded in fact, leading right up to the full complement of outlying

Correlation Watch: Crude, Oil Services, and The Loonie

Why am I looking for SUPPORT in Crude Oil and the Oil Services Index (OSX)? Because, as you will see, they correlate nicely to the US Dollar (USD) vs. the Canadian Dollar (CAD/Loonie) and as a spot FX trader/investor I like to see as many correlations as I can. It’s that simple… Am I trying to “catch the falling knife of crude?”  No Am I trying to “make a great call?”

Master Limited Partnerships Hit By Energy, Credit Concerns

The deleveraging in the energy sector continues and one area that is going down with the ship is Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). These high yield energy-related securities fell heavily during October and are once again free falling over the glut of energy stock piles and plunging Crude Oil (WTI – Quote) prices. Industry titan Alerian MLP ETF (AMLP) is a $9 billion fund that tracks 25 of the largest Master Limited Partnerships

Sustainable Investing In Real Estate En Vogue

The economic crisis changed the real estate landscape in numerous ways. Traditional financing dried up, inventories spiked, prices cratered and the long held belief that property only appreciated was replaced by an ongoing skepticism about the true value of real estate. However, out of this depressed real estate market has grown a renewed focus on saving money. This, in addition to increased environmental awareness, has led to buildings and communities

Forex Trading Analysis: US Dollar Pairs In Focus

Here’s a quick update on the Forex trading environment. The price action in the dollar based pairs suggests that some further consolidation/corrective action is underway. I think this will present us with trading opportunities in USD/JPY, USD/SGD (longs) as well as shorts in EUR/GBP Note:  the Intra-Day FX Forecast highlights price direction and likely price targets/stops designed for traders looking at Forex trading opportunities over the next several hours. These are not

Chart Of The Day: Russian ETF (RSX) Feeling The Pain

Russia has had its share of economic pain over recent years, but the past year has really gotten ugly. And this is taking its toll on Russian stocks. Just take a look at the Russian ETF (RSX). Many variables come into play, but many relate and revolve around its relationship with Europe. And this one has many tentacles. Here are a few: 1)  Russia’s continued tension with Europe and the West

Is Gold Targeting $1270?

A little over a week ago, I put together a post on the outlook for Gold into year-end. What I found interesting about that piece was how skeptical and fragile Gold investors currently are (sentiment) as we continue on through what is typically a period of strong seasonality for Gold (Sept-Jan). By no means was this indicating that a bottom was in, but rather that the market was ripe for a bounce. Sure enough,

Why Copper Prices May Be Set To Fall Further

Copper has long been a barometer of economic health, so when the shiny metal starts to fall sharply, it begs the question: what’s going on here? Well, no argument here, Copper is a pretty amazing metal. But what makes this post worthy is that there is quite a story building with regards to the price PATTERNS. I’ve done quite a bit of work on Copper and you can read more

Chart Focus: Gold Futures Near Weekly Resistance

It’s been a wild ride for Gold prices of late. After a big selloff into early November, Gold futures have rallied back to $1200/oz. But let’s step back for a moment and recap the price action. Just over 3 weeks ago I did an article on Gold Futures. In that article the highlights were: A  current daily target of 1150.60. A weekly target of 1138.10. The significance of the 1179.40 support level. 3 levels

Crude Oil Prices Pop And Fade: How Far Can The Rally Go?

The big news of the morning is the global effort to ease continues with China’s rate cut and Mario Draghi’s strong words, “It is essential to bring back inflation to target and without delay.” Crude Oil (WTI – Quote) certainly has gotten the message ahead of OPEC’s key Thanksgiving Day meeting next week. As we speak, Crude Oil has broken a 1 month downtrend and is attempting to regain an important