Global Markets

Chart Of The Day: US Dollar Strength Slows Emerging Markets

By now, most market participants have taken note of the US Dollar rally. In the early stages of the rally, it was simply a slow rise. However, that has given way to a rapid accent, seeing the US Dollar Index jump from below 80 to 84.75 in just over two months. And the recent surge higher in the Dollar seems to be adding some volatility to the Emerging Markets complex. In the

European Stocks & ETFs Underperformance In Focus

European stocks and ETFs have experienced a difficult summer amid a faltering currency and European Central Bank that has been scrambling to implement looser monetary policies. On the surface, the recent announcement of further rate cuts and asset purchases seems like a step in the right direction by the ECB to stimulate growth. However, reaction to the accumulation of news this year by European stocks has been less than stellar. The Vanguard

Traders: Stay Focused, Tune Out The Noise

No doubt, the tension on the tape is real. Stocks are attempting to consolidate near the highs (some indices better than others) with the Fed, Alibaba IPO, and the Scotland independence vote forthcoming. With all this in toe, social media is abuzz  about how it’s all going to go down. Needless to say, this likely isn’t the week to be making huge bets based on emotion. And it’s also not

WTI Crude Oil Traders: Time To Consider Covering Shorts

On August 15th, I wrote a post for See It Market about waiting for a bounce in WTI Crude Oil Futures (or related exchange traded products) before going short. If you happened to sell into the 8/21 – 8/29 rally, I believe the timing is right to consider taking a partial or full profit here. Perhaps there is more downside, but being generally conservative myself, I’d probably step out of this market

Is The US Dollar Setting Up For Another Move Higher?

The US Dollar has the attention of the global financial markets, especially the commodities sector. Just check out the action in Grains, Oil, and Precious Metals. Earlier this week, I highlighted the weakness in Gold and Silver. Surely a function of a stronger US Dollar. So, is the US Dollar setting up for another move higher? Let’s see what the chart is telling us and check in on some key Fibonacci

Trouble Ahead For Canadian Stocks?

While Canadian stocks have been setting new highs, it appears some headwinds may be approaching for our northern neighbor. If we were to look at just the pure price action then things would look pretty good for the iShares Canada ETF (EWC). Price has broken above the previous high set in 2011. However, it’s when we look under the surface that we can see some problems. The chart below shows

Euro: Now Trading At Its Most Oversold, Ever

The EUR/USD Selloff Continues Unabated, But A Historic Extreme In Short-Term Momentum Signals A Euro Relief Rally May Be At-Hand.  EUR/USD tagged its lowest 14-day RSI reading ever (Since January 1999) today, signaling it is massively, historically oversold. Past RSI prints near 20 are few; but where they have occurred vicious short-covering rallies aren’t far behind – no matter the monetary/fiscal policy regime – registering double-digit gains in a matter

Chart Of The Day: Federal Reserve vs ECB Balance Sheets

You might not be an expert in balance sheets (I’m sure not), but I’m guessing you’ll be able to tell the major difference between what the Federal Reserve has done differently from the European Central Bank over the past few years. Just check out the chart below, highlighting their respective balance sheets. In the face of an economy that needed a lot of help, the Federal Reserve continued to buy massive

ECB Cuts Rates, Provides Further Stimulus

Mario Draghi and the European Central Bank (ECB) had a tall order this morning. Several indicators over recent months have highlighted the Euro Zone’s struggles to spur economic growth. And, although the market was expecting The ECB to act, it was a bit uncertain about the course action. Well, a triple rate cut and new stimulus program gave the market a shot of juice. And then some. Check out the chart below

USDJPY Breaking Higher: Will Bond Yields Play Catch Up?

Traders, I’d like to share an interesting inter-market relationship with you this morning. In the chart below, I’ve tracked the USDJPY vs the 10 Yield Treasury Yield (TNX). I think this chart could be quite insightful across asset classes as a whole. Allow me to briefly offer my thoughts. There is a pretty strong relationship between higher levels in 10-year rates and higher levels in USDJPY (and vice versa) Currently, USDJPY is