Trading Ideas: 5 Stocks To Watch (FB, GOOG, TWTR, MDXG, ZIOP)

It is easy to point the finger at Greece as the culprit behind Monday’s mega sell-off, but it is impossible to deny that there has been an ongoing distribution among select US stock sectors for several months. Viewed from this perspective, yesterday’s price action among the major indices could simply mean the underlying weakness finally made it to the market’s surface. Regardless of what happens with Greece, the US market

Market Update: S&P 500 Technical Support Levels In Focus

So as the Greek drama continues to unfold with the looming referendum scheduled for this coming weekend and Greek banks closed until next week, it’s important to get a handle on the markets and where key technical support levels are. Having a plan helps active investors to be more proactive than reactive, and this reduces day to day emotion. Starting with the S&P 500 (SPX), my first level of technical support resided at

Palladium Correlations: Flashing Caution For Apple (AAPL) And The Nasdaq?

I have done several charts in the past looking at Palladium correlations, and specifically Palladium and it’s correlation to Apple (APPL). If you find correlations and price relationships interesting, do yourself a favor and spend some time starting from the beginning (which is at the bottom of the page in the link) and work through risk management and understanding the dynamics at play. As of Friday June 26, 2015 Palladium has broken

The Rotation Report: Global Markets Get Interesting… And Fast

It is worth keeping in mind how the last two weeks have played out in the global markets. In this week’s SIM Linkfest “Top Trading Links“, I noted that there has been a sense of calm in the blogosphere. It’s weird because all quarter there was a sense of caution… and that kind of disappeared after the Fed. That tied in quite interestingly with the fear that had built up on a micro

Euro In Focus: Without The News, Without The Noise

The Greek deadline is focusing a lot of eyes on the Euro, or at least it should be, as the FX market tends to impact a number of other asset classes and asset allocation strategies as well. Just as an experiment, let’s try to strip out all of the news and noise about Greece for a moment and focus on what the Euro currency charts might be telling us. From

German DAX Rebounds: Index Testing Key Resistance Level

The German DAX correction started in early April and accelerated into June. Blame it on valuations, the rebound in the Euro, or Greece, but technicals play a role too. Like clockwork, German stocks found support at its .382 Fibonacci support level. And since then, the German DAX has been rallying. But the rebound rally is about to get tested. In the chart below, you can see three technical events that

Which Way Is Apple’s Stock (AAPL) Headed Next?

The past few months have seen shares of the world’s largest company, Apple Inc. (AAPL) trade sideways in a 12 dollar pattern. A couple of months of consolidation is expected after a big run higher. However, the stock has been rangebound for 4 months, and as time marches on the possibility of a bigger (more volatile) move increases. Yesterday, I shared an important chart pattern for Apple (AAPL) on my blog. I’ve included it

Trading Ideas: 5 Stocks To Watch (AMP, CAM, GLW, POL, WX)

The market started off the week with a bang mostly due to relief over the fact that the world did not end over the weekend in some kind of a Greek-induced Armageddon. Today was a more subdued trading session and most indices spent the day in a sideways range. However, there was ample strength among individual stocks, especially some of the widely followed momentum names – Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN),

Shanghai Composite Suffers Deep Decline: Can Chinese Stocks Recover?

The Shanghai Composite Index has been a huge winner in 2015. But when the masses jump on the mo-mo train they often forget that it’s a two-sided market. And when the “sell” button gets hit… sometimes it comes with swift moves to the downside. Case in point: last week.  Although investors saw similar pullbacks on the stock exchange in January/February and April/May, neither were as swift as the recent decline. The