The Best of See It Market – March 2013

see it marketBy Andrew Nyquist        Although the markets were relatively calm on the surface, there were plenty of story lines making waves. From another bout of political and economic drama in Europe to the Euro drop, Dollar pop, and Commodity drop, to the relentless bid in the share markets. That said, let’s take time to reflect on the month that was with the latest installment of “The Best of See It Market” for March.

The blogs below include the most-viewed and shared blogs for the month, in no particular order. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!



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•    Using Technical Patterning to Interpret US Dollar Strength by Andrew Kassen

•    Historical US Dollar Chart and the Macro Equities Correlation by Andrew Nyquist

•    Inflation Nation: Is It Time to Question Fed’s ZIRP Timeline by Ross Heart

•    Prospective Equity Risk Premium: A Glimpse Into the Future by Allan Millar

•    Investing in Life: Be Selfless by Andrew Nyquist

•    Dow Jones Bollinger Band Study: A Sign of Exhaustion?  by Korey Bauer


•    Facebook Stock Sliding Into the Buy Zone by Andrew Nyquist

•    Gold Prices Revisiting Major Support Band by Andrew Nyquist

•    Apple AAPL Long Term Chart Update by Andrew Nyquist


•    The Systematic Significance of the Cyprus Bailout by Andrew Kassen

•    European Youth Unemployment: Risking a Lost Generation by Joshua Schroeder

•    Cyprus Bailout News: A Contrarian’s Contrarian View by Alex Salomon


•    Rising Health Care Costs Stretching Middle Class by Jeff Voudrie

•    Low Interest Rates Like a GIC In the Face by Max Moore

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