Investing in Life: Be Selfless

investing in life

By Andrew Nyquist     Life is kind of like investing in that it isn’t always fair. Or at least that’s our perception every now and again when a trade or investment goes against us. Sometimes it’s something simple, like being late for an appointment, or missing a limit order for a stock by a few pennies. But sometimes, it really is “life.”

Last week, my best friend’s father passed away. It was unexpected… and without mincing words, unfair. He was a terrific guy, in good shape, and only 61. I cannot pretend to know what my friend Matt must be feeling, but my heart aches for him and his family. The loss has affected many, including the See It Market family. Contributor Kelly Hodges is married to Matt, and they are very close to my wife (Jen) and I.

Over the weekend, we spent time with the family grieving a great loss; a loss that puts life in perspective and serves as a good reminder of the importance of family and friendship. We also spent time revisiting, sharing in, and celebrating the many memories of Matt’s dad. And on Saturday, at the funeral, while listening to Matt give his eulogy, it dawned on me…

“His approach to fatherhood was in many ways how I try to act. He was slow to anger, always expressing disappointment without raising his hands, always fun-loving and lightening the mood, always giving far more of himself than ever expected to his work and his passion – his wife and kids. Above all, my dad was completely selfless…”
~  Matt Hodges on his father

Being “selfless” is what Bob Hodges was all about. Time stood still when you had Bob’s attention. He was easy to talk to, positive and always smiling. And now he’s turned over those keys to his sons. When Matt and I spoke soon after his father’s passing, he said, “Do me a favor and call your parents tonight and tell them how much you love them.” One word: Selfless. It’s what we all strive to be.

I often write or tweet about the parallels found in life and investing. In this case it’s hard to find common ground without reaching. But I can tell you that having patience, passion, and resiliency is key to success in both. Cherish your family, give of your time and resources, and always find the best in people. Be selfless.

This is dedicated to the entire Hodges’ family. May white light continue to surround you in the days ahead.

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