The Best Of See It Market (July 2015): Stocks Hold The Line

best of see it market researchThe table was set for a market correction. Stocks were dropping into early July and market breadth was deteriorating by the day. Falling commodities and recovering bonds only added to concerns. But U.S. equities held a key technical level (2040) and remained resilient  By month’s end, the S&P 500 had gained 2 percent.

That up and down action pretty much sums up 2015. It’s been a rangebound market that has been on the brink for much of the year. But these observations only scratch the surface. The markets are vast and offer several opportunities daily for active investors. Throughout the month our cast of contributors captured much of the market action (and opportunities) on See It Market.

From macro research to great trading ideas and investing insights, we look to add value every day. Please take a moment to review our best research posts from the month of July in our latest installment of The Best of See It Market. This is your chance to check in on our work. We greatly appreciate your readership.

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