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Global Market Trends: Why Deflation Is Still A Concern

Over the last two weeks the US Equity markets have rallied to new all-time highs. At the same time we have seen the yield...
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Gold Ends Higher: Will GLD Reversal Set Up A Tradable Rally?

Gold futures dropped sharply this morning, hitting a low of 1197 and taking the Gold ETF (GLD) down with it. In the process, GLD broke...
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Japan’s Nikkei 225 At Major Technical Resistance Level

Japanese equities have been strong since bottoming last October. The most visible sign of the Japanese markets is the Nikkei 225 Index. Its rally out of the...
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Is The Consumer Ready To Make a Comeback In 2015?

Unfortunately, the body of economic evidence over the past 5 years would lead most (including myself) to say "probably not". And this would likely be...

Baidu (BIDU) 4Q Earnings May Be Catalyst For Next Stock Move

Chinese web company Baidu (BIDU) reports 4th quarter earnings overnight. And it should be an important report for the company's intermediate-term direction. According to...

Tesla Earnings (TSLA) Preview: Tensions Running High

As earnings season winds down, there are still some big names left to report. After the bell today, Tesla Motors (TSLA) will report earnings. According...
real estate investing

Will 50 Day MA Halt iShares Real Estate ETF (IYR) Pullback?

Over the past two weeks high yielding securities have come under pressure and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s) have not been exempt. As seen...
stocks vs bonds performance

Rough Week For Bonds: Why I’m Staying The Course

I got crushed last week. The accounts that I manage (for the most part) suffered losses and were down for the week. It is...
powershares qqq resistance february 10

Can Apple (AAPL) Lift The PowerShares QQQ Above Resistance?

As I scanned the charts this morning, I noticed an interesting development in the tech space. Apple (AAPL) is attempting to break out while...
bull or bear stock market

Is Apple (AAPL) Ready To Break Out Of Its Consolidation?

I tend to cover Apple's stock about once or twice a month. Not because I am an Apple (AAPL)  stock fanatic, but because AAPL has a...

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