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Precious Metals Lower on Fed ‘Tapering’ Prospects

After a strong summer relief rally, the precious metals sector is back in the doghouse again. With the Fed on tap and budget talks...
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September FOMC Is Here: Brace for Market Turbulence

All is quiet on the western front as the markets prepare for the results of the September FOMC meeting and ensuing Fed statement. Reality is,...
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Inside This Week’s Super-Charged Economic Calendar

You ready for the Boom?  Yeah, this week’s economic calendar has a lot of news to look forward to, both in the US and...

The Market Week Ahead: Fighting For Higher Ground

The Market Week Before However swelled the seasonal population of the Hamptons, July's holiday-shortened trading week had nothing of the market doldrums commonly associated with...

Commodities Analysis Video: A Look at the COT Report and More

Today's commodities analysis video is a Memorial Holiday weekend special. In addition to commodities analysis, I'll take a look at the global equity markets...
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Brexit: What a British Exit from the EU Looks Like

By Alex Salomon     Are you familiar with Brixit? Not yet? It might become the next catchy buzzword for yet another European Union drama. Brexit,...
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Reviving The Yen Carry Trade

By Andrew Kassen "The Yen Carry Trade" - whatever your tenure in and familiarity with financial markets, it's a litmus phrase evoking a...
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While You’re Sleeping: Massive Moves Prevail In Japanese Markets

By Andrew Kassen A lot of atrocious developments occur in world financial markets while the West sleeps.  Lately, that has meant mayhem in Japanese...
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Political Tensions Rise as Euro Crisis Continues

By Andrew Nyquist     The Euro was never given a fighting chance. Figuratively, and quite possibly literally. From conception, economists and investors questioned the Euro's...
european youth unemployment

European Youth Unemployment: Risking a Lost Generation

By Joshua Schroeder     Once again Europe's leaders spoiled a chance to take coordinated action to effectively address the bailout in Cyprus. This failure has...

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