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An Amateur’s Approach to Investing in Uncertain Times

By Joshua Schroeder If you are an amateur investor like me, the last few years have presented market moves that are difficult to understand and even...
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Five Stocks to Buy in September

The market has been a wild card of late.  Although the trend has been down, it's been a bumpy, volatile ride.  Each morning seems to...
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Ford Looking to Flex its Muscles

The financial crisis brought about tough times in the automobile sector.  Hearings, bailouts, restructuring, and layoffs were front and center in our homes and...
Financial Crisis, Recession, slow growth, stagflation, bear market

A Technical Look at the Major Market Indices

The past two weeks have been historic.  And that’s a nice way of putting it.  Watching the major market indices fall 15-17 percent in...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

Anticipating Bottoms Can be a Dangerous Game

Yes, it feels good to say "Danger is my middle name," but when the financial markets move into correction mode, participants are best to...
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Market Snapshot: Watch the Banks

Uncertainty, then certainty.  Huh?  V is for volatility!  Today, the markets are racing ahead on the heals of strong earnings reports, word of a temporary...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

Amgen Ready for a Technical Bounce

After a strong 3 month move from February to May that delivered a pop through its long term upper wedgeline, Amgen Inc. (AMGN) has been...
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MetalMania: Playing Gold’s Fool

Two weeks ago, Greece was headlining the news.  The S&P 500 was resting on its 200 day moving average for the second time, and...
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A Decade of Discovery: My Investment Journey

For many, the tech bubble was painful.  But in the larger scheme of things, it was all relative, part and parcel to the journey... It...
stock market, stock chart, technical analysis, investing

See It, Market: Gold and Silver Under Pressure

While the markets have used quarter end and the 200 day moving average as a springboard to greener pastures, Gold (SPDR Gold Trust: GLD) and...

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