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Options Trading Education: The Year In Review

This year in the stock market has been all about The Great Rally of 2013. It’s been seemingly unstoppable with no meaningful corrections or...
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Options Education: Collar That Stock

You can sell a call against a stock you own and you can own a protective put under your stock. Well, you can combine...
options trading

Options Education: The Christmas Tree Options Strategy

Today I would like to discuss another variation of The Butterfly options strategy that is similar to the Broken Wing Butterfly, but not exactly...
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Options Education: The Basics of Exercise and Assignment

Every now again I think it fitting and proper to review some of the basic elements in options working method. Today I am going...
trading options

Options Strategies For A Broken Stock Trade

Sometimes bad things happen to good stocks. And when this happens, good stock trades can quickly become broken stock trades. Just like a rising...
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Using a VIX Call Spread as a Downside Hedge

I would like to discuss today another way to hedge your equity portfolio against a major move lower, albeit perhaps indirectly. And we can...
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Options Education: The Short Strangle Options Strategy

I really don’t like being naked short options as a rule. The prospect of potentially unlimited risk would keep me up at night. But...
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Options Education: An All Options Covered Write

The all options covered write strategy is also known as a leveraged covered call. In fact, back on the old trading floor we used to call...
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Options Education: A Butterfly With a Broken Wing

Last week I talked about a low risk directional options trade that I like quite a bit:  The Butterfly. I discussed how I don’t...
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Options Education: The Butterfly Options Strategy

One of the more difficult aspects of writing a column such as this one is that I have little or no idea of the...

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