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nasdaq 100 index elliott wave forecast chart image year end 2023

Two Elliott Wave Forecasts for NASDAQ 100

After our Elliott wave forecasts for the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 ETFs, we wanted to cover one of the indices that has been relatively more bullish...
tlt 20 year treasury bond etf trading decline analysis chart october

A Closer Look at Long Bonds and The US Dollar

The next direction of the long bonds is crucial in determining the macro. First, after a wrecking ball crash and ahead of the FOMC, we...
iwm xrt trading price reversals moving average investing chart october

Small Caps and Retail Stocks Hold Line in the Sand

I spent all of last week in the media and in print, going over the importance of 2 key indicators. (See the media clips...
xle energy sector etf 40 week moving average support chart history

Energy Sector (XLE): Will “Long” Moving Averages Hold Again?

Energy stocks have remained strong as crude oil prices remain elevated. But the Energy Sector ETF (XLE) has traded sideways this year and finds itself...
iwm xrt etfs trading importance to stock market analysis image october

[VIDEO] Stock Market Update for Trading Thursday October 5

Yesterday, we covered the 80-month moving average in small caps and retail. Today, I did several interviews-some already out (BNN Bloomberg), others will be out...
nyse new york stock exchange index testing important price support trend line october investing chart image

NYSE Index Teetering On Important Trend Price Support!

With stocks under pressure, it is time to take a look at a key stock market index that also serves as a barometer of...
advance decline line stock market top october warning investing image

Advance/Decline Line Warns Investors with Triple Top Breakdown!

We have been highlighting several market indicators trading at critical time/price areas over the past month or so. And today is no different as we...
iwm russell 2000 index etf trading time cycles chart image october

Time to Analyze 6-7 Year Market Business Cycles

We began the year examining the 23-month moving averages in all the indices and major market sectors. It was pretty simple really. Buy anything that cleared...
dow jones utilities average index decline lower historical sign of equity bear markets recessions image

Utilities Breaking Down: Omen For Stock Market and Economy?

In early September, we warned readers that Utilities were breaking down and that this would have an adverse effect on the stock market. Since then...
junk bonds etf jnk trading pennant price pattern break down bearish stock market chart

Are Junk Bonds Sending Bearish Message To Stock Market?

There are several indicators to watch when assessing risk across the financial markets, and today we discuss one of the more important ones. Junk bonds. When...

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