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Stock Market Triple Top? Perhaps On This Broad Index!

The stock market has been on shaky ground the past week or so. But this pullback is overdue, considering the big rally this spring. So...
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S&P 500 Pullback May Set Up Rally To 2300 to 2500

The great thing about being a market technician today vs. less than ten years ago is instant access to the crowd. That is, social...
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S&P 500 Trading Pivots Target Lower Prices For June

Just when everyone and their dog was getting bullish about retesting the all time highs, a pullback begins to take shape.  Happens every time....
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Dow Jones Utility Average Overdue For “Major” Correction

Are you watching the Dow Jones Utility Average? Well, you probably should be.  Utilities have been a strong sector, especially off the recent market bottom...
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S&P 500 Declines Into April Highs: Will This Support Hold?

That's a great question.  No one knows with any certainty which is why we follow the price action and (indicators related to price). They...

Dow Jones Megaphone Pattern Defines Risk On / Off

Below is a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average going back to the 1950’s using monthly closing prices. It highlights two important Dow Jones Megaphone...
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Can The Russell 2000 Index Rally Past Major Resistance?

The Russell 2000 Small-Cap Index is presently running into a confluence of key resistance points. Can the Russell 2000 Index rally past this level? We’ve...
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S&P 500 Trading Update: Will Lower Support Levels Hold?

Today's trading outlook looks at S&P 500 futures, Nasdaq futures, and Crude Oil futures  for June 3, 2016. Focusing on S&P 500 futures, we see...
market investors

Market Breadth Indicator: Large Cap Stocks In Favor

It's been a tough market to figure out for traders. And with so many pieces of research that work both for and against market bulls...
stock market exchange performance board

Stock Market Futures Decline Into Lower Support – June 1

Stock Market Futures Outlook for June 1, 2016 – The daily chart shows a measure of technical divergence that suggests that bounces are likely...

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