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How Much Further Can the NASDAQ Rally Go?

The NASDAQ rally continues to plow inexorably higher, breaking above 3400 at the end of the past week to touch levels not seen since...

Small Cap Stock Analysis: Russell 2000 and the Rule of 26

2013 has been the Year of the Trend for equities, perhaps nowhere better demonstrated than by the Russell 2000. With its tight parallel channel and...
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Dow Jones Long Term Outlook: Cloudy With A Chance of Bulls

Just a quick chartology post to get you thinking about both sides of the trade, bull and bear, and the many different time dimensions...
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US Stocks At Rising Channel Resistance

No matter which way you look, US equities are pressing into major cyclical channel resistance.  Most broad indices - the Dow Jones Industrial Average...
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US Treasuries: The 10-Year Yield Breakout Holds

US Treasuries don't seem to be backing down on the timeline for reducing QE. Sovereign yields are flying today on the (p)resumptive taper trade...

Dow Transports: Flying Close to the Sun

Dow Transports (DJT, IYT): an index few care to talk about until a major Dow Theory signal trips; or some logistics merger or airline...
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Tech Stocks Getting Frothy, Ready For a Breather

Tech stocks have been the embodiment of momentum in 2013, posting nearly 30% gains YTD. But as we witness yet another push higher, it's...
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Will the S&P 500 Follow the Script Again?

Since the Spring 2012 stock market correction, each market pull back has been smaller and "tighter", producing a coiling effect. As well, each of...
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US Dollar Falls Below 80 on Balanced Draghi Comments

The US Dollar (DX, UUP, USDX) broke down heavily this morning following ECB President Mario Draghi's more balanced (i.e. less dovish) comments regarding Euro Area...
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S&P 500 Technical Analysis Update

It's been an interesting past two weeks in the financial markets. From the Fed build up to the surprise September FOMC statement and market...

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