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Bullish Divergence Sends Signal To Traders In Choppy Market

It’s been a choppy mess over the past few weeks across the major stock market indices as stocks have slugged through earnings season absent of...
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S&P 500 Pivot Points Lead The Way For Traders

The choppy, yet steady and tight trading range that the stock market finds itself in is likely to resolve at some point soon. But...

Is There Light Ahead For The Euro STOXX 600 Index?

It's been a rough go of it for European equities markets. The broadest index of European stocks (STOXX 600 Index) fell nearly 25 percent...
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US Equities: Range Bound Market Handcuffs Bulls & Bears

Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the all-time high for the S&P 500 – and yet since then the stock market has been just a...
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Stock Market Futures (May 19): Sellers Weigh Market Down

Stock Market Futures Outlook for May 19, 2016 (S&P 500 futures) – The chart to battle 2038, but we’ve broken it enough times for buyers...
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S&P 500 Futures Update: Bulls & Bears In Trading Tug Of War

S&P 500 Outlook for May 18 – A battleground at 2041 rages with sellers looking as if they will be the victors based on...
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May 16 – Stock Market Futures Update: Bulls Have To Dig Deep

May 16 Stock Market Futures Outlook – Our weekly trading range for S&P 500 futures remains the same for now (2027-2075), but will shift...
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S&P 500 Weekly Review: Will Traders See A ‘May Swoon’?

A LOOK AHEAD FOR MAY OPTIONS EXPIRATION (OPEX) It's been a very tricky market tape for bulls and bears over the past couple of weeks. Bulls...
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S&P 500 Market Update: Watch This Canary!

There's been a lot of action this past week and the stock market has quickly put the bulls on their heels. In this market...
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S&P 500 Futures Mixed: Bulls And Bears Battle Near 2054

Stock Market Futures Outlook for May 13, 2016 – Early this morning, traders watched S&P 500 futures make a familiar test of the 2046...

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