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SPX Technical Update For May 20

As the market continues to be choppy and rangebound, it certainly seems to be following certain levels. The S&P 500 is currently pushing up...
stock chart analysis

S&P 500 Technical Update: Tuesday Whose-day?

Lots of chatter about the strength of Tuesday in 2014. According to Ryan Detrick, Tuesday's are up 9.25% this year.  And according to J....
stock chart analysis

S&P 500 Weekend Update: Uncertainty Keeps Markets Choppy

As the market chop continues, so does the uncertainty. This isn't necessarily a bad thing (nor a good thing). It just means that market...
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Beyond the NASDAQ Head and Shoulders Pattern

The NASDAQ 100 continues to build out a medium-term Head & Shoulders Top pattern that began developing during December 2013's Santa Claus rally.  Aside...
stock chart analysis

S&P 500 Technical Update: 2 Support Levels To Keep An Eye On

There has been a significant slow down in market momentum over the past month or so.  In fact, some investors would argue that 2014...
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Stocks Bounce: But How Far Will They Go?

That's always the follow up question, isn't it? Earlier we considered how far small caps might go after bears succeeded in tripping the thirteenth 50-Day...

Bouncing Like Clockwork: IWM’s Bear Trap Springs Again

As the Russell 2000 (IWM) broke below it's 50-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA) last week, we noted the same day that the 12 previous...

Observations On a Year Spent Buying the Dip

Like few other times in history, US stocks have just enjoyed a year of exceptionally low volatility.  It was a period during which the...
stock chart analysis

S&P 500 Technical Update: Bears Wrestle For Control

It goes without saying that the bulls have been getting the best of the bears from a macro perspective. But the price action since...
stock chart analysis

S&P 500 Update: Technical Support Levels In Focus

Yesterday, the markets confirmed that the markets are in a state of chop. Some could say that a smack down is in the offing,...

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