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Market Indices Breaking Out, Follow Through Key

By Andrew Nyquist Of the 3 major market indices, the S&P 500 is showing the most strength, breaking out above the downtrend line and closing on...
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Nasdaq 100 Symmetry: Potential for Several More Weeks Consolidation

By Brad Tompkins Back in September, I wrote a piece detailing the difficult trading period we experienced following the sharp drop last summer (Read: Technical Patterning...
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Technical Update for SP 500 and Nasdaq 100

By Andrew Nyquist As the action continues to percolate (and on Fed day, no less), I thought it would be a good idea to provide a...
stock market bull and bear, wall street, stocks up and down

A Closer Look at the Tech Sector

By Andrew Nyquist Since the bottom a couple weeks back, the Technology Sector has surged higher. And it isn't a surprise that Apple (AAPL) has lead...
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S&P 500 Technical Update: Key Levels

By Andrew Nyquist The rubber band was stretched too far. Similar to sentiment getting too negative too fast, price fell too far too fast. On November 16...
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Dow Transports Looking Weak, Back at 38.2 Fib

By Andrew Nyquist The Dow Jones Transportation Average is back on the 38.2 Fibonacci retracement magnet. It's actually a bit surreal because my previous blog on the Transports...

IWM Chart Note: Nearing Important Price Zone

By Brad Tompkins I was running through some charts late yesterday and noticed that IWM (Russell 2000 iShares) is nearing an important support/resistance confluence zone. The reaction over...
stocks, bonds, bar charts, price analysis, stock market, markets, uptrend, trending up

Emerging Markets (EEM) At Key Price Level

By Brad Tompkins The Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) closed at a pivotal price level yesterday,  just below its 2 month range and between the 50 and...
technical analysis, stock chart, stock market bottom, equities

Using DeMark Set Up Analysis to Gauge Timing of Market Bottom

By Andrew Nyquist The gentle pullback came to an abrupt end this week in the financial markets. What was a nice easy pullback above key supports...
stock analysis, stock chart analysis, candlestick chart, stock market bottom, price analysis, stocks, equities

S&P 500 Technical Update

By Andrew Nyquist Pretty heavy market lately. In late October I posted a blog with charts showing some key support levels for active investors to focus...

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