The Best Of See It Market – March 2014

thumbs upOn the surface, March appeared to come and go with little investor fanfare. However, when peeling back the onion, it was a much more eventful month for the financial markets. Momentum stocks were hit hard. And Tech and Small Caps lagged, while bonds and Blue Chips ticked higher.

Throughout the month, See It Market contributors put out some prescient research and analysis. Chris Burba called our attention to stalling tech stocks, while Andrew Kassen highlighted a bubble in Biotech Stocks; Andrew Thrasher called out a trading bottom in Mexican equities and Alex Bernal shares research pointing to a cycle high for equities in April; Robert Lesnicki continued his seasonality posts and I produced some macro insights into US equities and key Ag Commodities, to name a few.

Even more importantly, we kicked off our second season of Market Masters with Urban Carmel (@ukarlewitz) and Ryan Detrick (@RyanDetrick).  We have a great group of experts this year, including many of your favorite SIM contributors.  Stay tuned!

Okay, let’s get on with it. It’s time to reflect on the best blogs for the month of March in the latest installment of The Best of See It Market.  Hope you all found the content easy to read and more importantly, beneficial to your active investing regimen.  As always, thank you for your readership and support.

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            THE BEST OF SEE IT MARKET – March 2014


Real Life Trading Lesson: Rules vs Conviction  by Alex Salomon

The Bear Trap That Ends Every Pullback  by Andrew Kassen

6 Popular Trading Myths Revealed  by Ryan Detrick

Wave Of Mutilation: How Commodity Super Cycle Will Decimate Mighty Bull Market  by Duncan Parker

Day Trading With Pivot Points, Tick, and Vwap  by Urban Carmel

Nasdaq 100 Stalling Near Technical Barrier  by Chris Burba

Biotech Bubble: The Nervous Speculator’s Field Guide  by Andrew Kassen

Emerging Markets: A Rotation In Uncertainty  by Andrew Nyquist

SPX Cycle Update: April High Imminent  by Alex Bernal

Are Mexican Equities Ready To Bounce?  by Andrew Thrasher

March Seasonality: Stocks And ETFs That Outperform In March  by Robert Lesnicki



Observations On A Year Spent Buying The Dip  by Andrew Kassen

S&P 500 Technical Update: Bears Wrestle For Control  by Andrew Nyquist

What Elliott Wave Is Saying About The Recovery  by Maria Rinehart

Chartology: Global Equity Indices On Watch  by Andrew Kassen


Thank you for reading.  Look for another installment of “The Best of See It Market” next month.

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