Gordon Mullings

Gordon Mullings
Gordon Mullings is a self-taught financial specialist with vast experience in the equities, options, futures, commodities, and forex markets. He has been traded his own accounts for the last 12 years. His detailed nature helps break down the most complicated technical analysis situations into manageable tradeable solutions. As a native New Yorker, Gordon fell in love with the markets at the age of 19. When he worked as a cold caller on Wall street in the 90s, during the digital age of Swawk Box and Quotron machines, he quickly discovered that the financial markets were his passion. He quickly learned that one must do proper research to obtain a true understanding the financial system. After digesting every seminar, book, and writing he could get his hands on about technical analysis, he discovered one very important lesson: Experience is the best teacher and there are things that a book just cannot convey. Presently, he gives countless hours of his time to help new and experienced traders via social media. Formally, he holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science from Queens College in New York. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC, with his wife and 2 children.

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