The Best of See It Market – May

thumbs up, see it marketMay was another great month for content on See It Market. A special thanks to our contributors and readers. You all rock.

Highlights from the month of May included the successful launch of our new exclusive series, “Market Masters.” This educational series includes some of the finest minds in the industry. This month included guest blogs from market technicians Ryan Detrick, J.C. Parets, and Joe Acevedo, as well as economist Naufal Sanaullah. Check out the Market Masters series here.

As well, we added another experienced, bright contributor and teammate in Chris Burba. His technical work is high level and should be followed by all.

And lastly, Alex Salomon will follow up his fantastic interview with Leigh Drogen, founder of Estimize, with an interview of the Tadas Viskanta, founder and creator of Abnormal Returns.

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Okay, now let’s move on to the good stuff. It’s time to reflect on the month of May with the latest installment of The Best of See It Market. The blogs below include the most-viewed and shared blogs for the month, in no particular order. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!



Three Reasons Not to Buy the Dip (Yet)  by Chris Burba

Trading Options in Three Dimensions  by Randall Liss

Blackberry Valuation: A Contrarian Take  by Max Moore

Nikkei 225 and Yen Price Targets Met on Abenomics  by Sheldon McIntyre

3 Reasons Investors are Eating US Equities for Breakfast  by Andrew Nyquist

Stock Market Nearing Critical Time and Price Juncture  by Maria Rinehart

Two Stock Market Indicators for Gauging Strength  by Korey Bauer

Equity Risk Premium Historical Data: 1976 to 2012  by Allan Millar

Commodities Outlook: What to Expect in the Weeks Ahead  by Alex Bernal


Russell 2000: The New Millenium  by Andrew Kassen

Turnaround Tuesday: Is the Market Vulnerable to a Trend Reversal  by Andrew Nyquist

Market Commentary

Interview With Estimize Founder Leigh Drogen  by Alex Salomon

How Is This Market Like the Tech Bubble? Margin Debt  by Andrew Kassen

Personal Finance

Benefits Comparison Tools Help Get Beyond Salary  by Kelly Hodges

Thank you for reading, commenting, and supporting See It Market. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Andy Nyquist at – Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Look for another installment of The Best of See It Market next month.

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