Commodities Outlook Video: What to Expect in the Weeks Ahead

It’s been a couple weeks since I connected with See It Market readers, so I thought it would be good to connect with a commodities outlook video blog.

In the following video, I provide several charts and analysis for key commodities such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil, Cotton, and select currencies. The time frame for the commodities outlook varies by commodity, but generally the weeks ahead on out to year end.  That said, this week could prove to be pivotal in the commodities market, so I wanted to share my thoughts.

Please feel free to comment  below or by reaching out to me on twitter. Thanks for watching!

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Aether Analytics Weekly Commodities Conspectus 5/20 from Alex Bernal on Vimeo.  A commodities outlook for 5/20.

COT chart Sources: and 
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