Independence Day (July 4): Social and Economic Participation Study

“O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave”

Americans have historically celebrated July 4th in a variety of ways – traditional festivities include launching fireworks and having BBQs.

These celebrations drive significant sales volume across key categories, and through various channels.

A survey by Klaviyo shows that 37% of consumers plan to shop through in-store channel this Independence day, followed by 30% using a combination of in-store and online, and 21% in online shopping only.

Food and Fireworks

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When it comes to overall celebrations, a study by the National Retail Federation shows that 76% of households are expected to celebrate July 4th this year down from 86% last year.

Fireworks have increased in popularity this month, with firework complaints in New York up over 237x year-over-year, and similar activity nationwide. Phantom Fireworks, the leading Fireworks retailer, noted a jump in sales between 200-400% year-over-year.

Other ways consumers are celebrating July 4th include BBQs, cookouts and picnics. Those celebrating are spending more than last year, with average spend per person on food items expected to rise ~ 4% year-over-year.

With this Independence Day taking place during unusual circumstances, it will be interesting to see how consumers alter their celebration traditions and who the beneficiaries are.

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