asset performance 1 year chart bitcoin s&p 500 russell 2000 gold investing research chart

Investor Sentiment Getting Greedy? Seems Unwarranted!

Several indicators of investor sentiment are showing rising "greed" levels. And when investors get greedy, it tends to imply that we are nearing a...
tlt treasury bond etf long term bearish investing chart

Will Treasury Bonds Ever Be A Buy Again?

If you are purchasing long-dated treasury bonds such as the ticker $TLT, then you are betting on long-dated t-bill interest rates to fall. While rates...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf trading fibonacci retracement price targets chart july

Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) Rally Price Targets

The stock market is still in counter-trend rally mode. At least we have to respect the technical structure of the decline until we see...
crude oil price reversal biggest history month march chart

Is Crude Oil Creating Historic Bearish Price Reversal?

The Ides of March are in full effect. Investors have been rocked by war, inflation, and financial markets volatility. At the center of all of...
10 year us treasury note yield rising trend chart year 2021

Rising Rates? 10-Year Treasury Yield Chart (Updated)

On December 31st of last year, I penned an article about the 10 Year US Treasury Yield and how it was following commodities higher. More...
spain ibex 35 index bullish breakout rally higher price targets 10000 image

Spain IBEX 35 Stock Index Breaks Out, Price Target 10,000

The Spain IBEX 35 Index INDEXBME: IB is attempting to breakout. This stock market index has shown a very nice improvement recently. Currently, we are seeing...
gold miners etf gdx decline correction lower fibonacci support levels precious metals chart october

How The Precious Metals Correction Plays Out Will Be Important

It's been a good year for Gold, Silver, and precious metals bulls. Gold is up +12.3%, while Silver is up +7.6%. But the 4th quarter will...
stock market volatility year 2019

Market Thoughts: Silver and Gold Are The New VIX

There’s a lot to unpack in the growing instability of the markets right now so I’m going to resort to equal parts summarizing with...
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Tech Stocks Reach Inflection Point

The month of May has gotten off to a poor start for investors. Many are pointing the finger at tensions in the ongoing US -...
industrial stocks bullish itw cmi pcar cat chart investing image april 16 news

4 Industrial Stocks That Are Bullish $ITW $CAT $CMI $PCAR

After a –5% decline in March for the SPDR Industrials ETF (XLI) and –4% for the Global Industrials ETF (EXI), both ETFs have started...

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