Corn Prices Battered, Nearing .618 Fibonacci Support

About 17 months ago, I wrote a post about a possible top in Corn prices. The analyses was based on a Demark weekly sell...
stock market risks

Caution: Investor Optimism Running High Into 2014

I am at best agnostic about technical analysis. I tend to believe that charts are like footprints: they show where you’ve been, not where...

Retired Investors: Be Careful of Investing “Guarantees”

“What is the best way to invest?” “I just got this letter in the mail from (insert newsletter publisher here) saying that they know of...

Tipping the Pay Scales: Choosing a College Major that Pays

Over the past few weeks, high school seniors nationwide have donned a cap and gown and marched through their graduation ceremonies, thus officially ending...
financial analysis

Heads Up: It’s NFP Friday!

By Andrew Kassen Welcome to Non-Farm Payroll (NFP; a.k.a. "the monthly unemployment data) Friday! Excluding Central Bank rate decisions and the occasional errant twitter...

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