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Gold Consolidation Continues Near Key Resistance

By Andrew Nyquist Consolidation is A-Okay with Gold (GLD) bulls. Or at least it should be. In fact, a quick low volume move lower may assist in...
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Chartology: Apple (AAPL) Stock On the Ropes

By Andrew Nyquist On Tuesday, Apple (AAPL) traded through pivot support around 660. As mentioned in my last update, the 50 day moving average was first...
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Market Update: Trade Within Your Means

By Andrew Nyquist I spend a fair amount of time talking about living within your means on a personal finance front. And really, that same respect...
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Trading Ideas: Apple, Fruit of Doom then Bloom

By Alex Salomon I ended up taking a break from updating this column in the last trading week, partially because I could not come up with...
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Options Trading Defined

Earnings season is right around the corner. And while I plan on posting an article specifically about trading options and/or stock into binary events...
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Chartology: Apple (AAPL) Feeling Heavy?

By Andrew Nyquist After trading lower on Friday, Apple's (AAPL) stock price looks a bit heavy. Pivot support resides in the 660 area (we'll give it...
china rising

China: Potential For a Meaningful Rally

The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has been in relentless decline since the middle of 2009 and is now near the 200-month SMA. The monthly...
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Trading: This is How I Roll

By Andrew Nyquist To date, I've written and produced a lot of content pertaining to technical analysis. And this is for good reason. On one hand,...
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Options Basics: Using a Call Spread to Fine-Tune Risk/Reward

By Brad Tompkins So far in this series we’ve introduced option fundamentals along with a speculative bullish call trade, explored protective put options as a way...
stock chart analysis

Market Update: 3 Charts to Watch in the Week Ahead

By Andrew Nyquist This week's market update is going to be short and to the point. I believe much of the coming action in the weeks...

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