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An Introduction to Equity Risk Premium

By Allan Millar Over the course of my next few articles, I will be looking at the Equity Risk Premium. To begin with, we will...
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Relax, It’s Just Trading

By Walter Hill If you are thinking that “relax” is a word not often associated with trading than by all means you would be correct....
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Forecasting the S&P 500 from GDP Data and What It’s Telling Us Now

By Brad Tompkins Last week the commerce department released their estimate of 2012 third quarter’s GDP growth rate. The preliminary 2.0% growth was better than 1.3%...
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Letting Your Winners Run: The Disciplined Art of “Sitting”

By Ross Heart “Let your winners run.” Guessing you have heard that one a few times. Easy in thought and words, but perhaps the hardest investment...
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Options Strategies for Earnings Season

By Jeff Wilson In the previous post I talked about supplementing stock positions with options as part of a hedging strategy. In this article, I will...
cash is king, hundred dollar bill, cash as an asset, money

Understanding When Cash Is King

By Ross Heart If I were constrained to only one pearl of investing wisdom I’d have to select legendary trader Jesse Livermore’s line: “It never was...
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Options Trading Defined

Earnings season is right around the corner. And while I plan on posting an article specifically about trading options and/or stock into binary events...
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Trading: This is How I Roll

By Andrew Nyquist To date, I've written and produced a lot of content pertaining to technical analysis. And this is for good reason. On one hand,...
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Options Basics: Using a Call Spread to Fine-Tune Risk/Reward

By Brad Tompkins So far in this series we’ve introduced option fundamentals along with a speculative bullish call trade, explored protective put options as a way...
Forex, currency trading

Forexology: Quick Facts on Trading the Forex

By Jeff Wilson Since I will be doing some writing about the Forex market and possibly sharing some of my trade ideas/setups down the road,...

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