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Overbought or Not Overbought: Does It Really Matter?

By Brad Tompkins There has been plenty of media coverage recently related to whether the stock market is overbought or not. It is interesting and certainly entertaining. ...
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15 Investing Lessons Learned From Playing Fantasy Football

By Ross Heart Sweltering heat giving way to cool crisp nights means the kids are heading back to school, but to many it also signals the...
stock market bull and bear, bull market

Options Basics: Writing Covered Calls for Protection and Income

By Brad Tompkins In our last article discussing Trading a Put, we saw how options can be used to protect against losses in a portfolio.  We’ll expand...
trading options, stock options

Options Basics: Trading a Put

By Brad Tompkins In the previous article discussing Options Basics, we introduced options trading fundamentals and followed a sample Call contract trade. As a quick review, a...
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Introduction to Trading Options

Where to Begin Trading Options Have you ever heard about trading options, but didn’t know where to even begin? I’ll give you a quick introduction...
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Investors: Why Your Past May Hold the Keys to Future Success

By Ross Heart Faced with a challenging investing or trading environment? Having difficulties pulling the trigger? Hitting on all cylinders but worried about when it’s going...
frustrated investor, frustrated businessman, business headache, business problem, business stress, meltdown, giving up, computer problem, frustration

Why Most Investors Quit

There are two reasons that most investors quit. The number one reason people get out of the game is because they have suffered a...
investing risks

Investors Beware: Dividend Stocks Becoming a Crowded Trade

By Ross Heart If you are currently investing in dividend stocks, have invested in them, or are considering them, you may also be aware that...
technical analysis, stock chart analysis, stock charts, technical chart, chart analysis

Understanding the Basics of DeMark Setups

I receive many questions about DeMark setups as they arise from time to time in my technical charts. As I've stated before, I really...
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3 Key Mistakes Investors Make and How to Avoid Them

By Jeff Voudrie One of the most difficult aspects of investing for retirees is to go against the investing tide. We have all heard that...

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