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Successful Investing Means Avoiding Mistakes

If you believe most marketing material, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that great ideas are the primary driver of investment...
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How Stock Corrections And Bear Markets Decimate Investor Gains

“Nobody ever lost money taking a profit” ~ Bernard Baruch When is a 10 percent stock market correction not a 10 percent correction? How about...
investor behavioral bias

4 Prevalent Investor Biases And How To Manage Them

If you had to analyze every decision you make on a given day, you probably wouldn’t get much done. You might not even make...
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Investors: The Dangers Of Performance Chasing

The most prevalent disclaimer in the investments world goes something like this – “past performance may not be repeated”. If you don’t believe us,...
investor behavioral bias

Behavioral Bias: How Investors Can Profit From It

All investors make errors that can often be traced back to a behavioral bias or emotional mistake. If under certain circumstances these mistakes are systematic,...
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Understanding the Ups and Downs of Investor Behavior

“The investor’s chief problem – and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself” – Ben Graham Investing is not easy. If you...
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3 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom for New Traders

One of the biggest hurdles in trading is overcoming our natural tendencies (or bad habits) we bring with us when getting started. If we're...
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Mean Reversion: The Market’s Way Of Rationalizing Irrational Moves

After the apple hit Sir Isaac Newton’s noggin, he, and subsequently the rest of the world, understood gravity – what goes up must come...

Uncovering Value: Price Discovery And Irrational Investing Behavior

This post was written with Chris Kerlow and Craig Basinger. The essence of money management can be encapsulated in searching for investments that are trading...

Investing Trends: Why It Pays To Stay In The Now

A Simple And Powerful Concept Eckhart Tolle’s New York Times Best Seller The Power Of Now has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and has...

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