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Retail Sector Underperformance Continues: How Long Until It Matters Again?

Back in January, I wrote about Retail Sector underperformance and why it was worth watching. It turned out to be a good “tell” of...

S&P 500 Technical Update: Stay Focused On The Price Action

Quick question and thought before we dig into the S&P 500 price action. What do you want to see happen to the stock market...

AAPL Chart Update: Falling Apples, Fibs, And Trend Lines

After two failed attempts to breakout above the 61.8 Fibonacci retracement level in late 2013, Apple (AAPL) began to lose momentum. AAPL stock pulled...
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Nikkei Underperformance And The ‘Broad Range’ Setup

After an historic stock market run higher for the Nikkei 225, many investors and economists began to ponder the positive effect Abenonmics. But a volatile,...
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Chartology: Too Big To Fails Are Faltering

While the S&P 500 (SPY) has taken back almost 90% of the losses incurred in January's pullback, Financials (XLF) ended Friday having traversed barely...
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S&P 500 Support and Resistance Levels For Active Investors

Last week, with the market sitting on the edge of a deeper pullback, I posted an update about the importance of 1770 as S&P 500...
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Pullback Over? Signs a Market Rally Is Building

The routine series of technical scans I run each market day have little-by-little turned over a rock and found something the past couple sessions...
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Technically Speaking: Twitter Earnings Preview

Whether you've published to it 100,000 times or just recently became acquainted during a 48-hour lurking marathon of accessing instant and vital documentary footage...
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S&P 500 Technical Update: Bulls And Bears Set To Collide

Just as traders were readying for some follow through to the downside, stocks put in a strong performance Thursday, erasing all of Wednesday's losses....
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Apple Stock Update: 2 Reasons The AAPL Uptrend Line Is Important

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Apple (AAPL) and the importance of the AAPL uptrend line.  Fast forward to today, and...

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