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Is the Japanese Yen Looking to Bottom This Fall?

Last spring, I offered up a number of posts analyzing the Japanese Yen currency breakdown. Using the Japanese Yen Trust (FXY) etf as my proxy, I pointed...
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Breaking Down the Upcoming US Dollar Index Breakdown

Well, that's it for Ben Bernanke's pseudo-hawkish trial balloon. With a mostly non-descript June 19th FOMC statement just released, financial markets listened with rapt attention...
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Forex: Are Yen Crosses Forecasting a Stock Selloff?

In the wide world of inter-market analysis, one of the outstanding and widely-discussed cross-asset class relationships lies between Equities and currency pairs involving the...
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Forex In 2013’s First Half: The Resurgent US Dollar

The first half of 2013 in foreign exchange for the G10 has been dominated by some very familiar macro narratives: a US Dollar pushed...
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EURUSD: Bouncing into a Breakdown

The resurgent US Dollar Index (futures symbol: DX) pushed to nearly 3 year highs this morning in the wake of better-than-expected consumer sentiment data,...
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EUR/USD: Anatomy of the Next Euro Crisis

By Andrew Kassen Pop quiz: When did the European debt crisis begin? May 8, 1945: Germany unconditionally surrenders during World War II (VE Day) Late 1989:...
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USDJPY: Plotting The Trade of Maximum Frustration

By Andrew Kassen One of the more insightful adages of homespun trader wisdom goes something like this: Markets will generally pursue that course...
eurusd analysis

EURUSD Analysis: A Technical Chart Update

By Andrew Kassen     The "Irreversible" Euro has had a rough couple of days, beginning the 8th week of its reversal from 1.37, last printing...
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Japanese Yen Looking to Bounce Soon?

By Sheldon McIntyre      The Japanese Yen has fallen in a waterfall-like decline for the past 6 months, but indications are emerging that the currency...
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US Dollar Strength Having Little Effect on US Equities Thus Far

By Andrew Nyquist     February was an interesting month for the US Dollar and US Equities (S&P 500). When pitting the two against each other...

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