us dollar bull vs bear

Chart Watch: US Dollar, Treasuries, and Stocks Flash Caution

With all the back and forth in the markets, several key assets have struggled of late. Notably, the US Dollar, US treasury bonds, and...
stocks vs bonds performance

Why Bonds May Be An Important Market ‘Tell’ Next Week

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve downgraded its economic outlook while at the same time implying that the committee is considering raising rates (they are...

ETF Charts Review: Solar (TAN), US Dollar (UUP) Overheating [VIDEO]

Several new themes have emerged within the ETF charts landscape. And if investors are patient and disciplined they may be able to take advantage. In our...
interest rates uncertainty

Is The 10 Year Treasury Yield Set To Go Higher?

After bottoming on January 30th, the 10 Year Treasury Yield (TNX) rallied sharply along side equities for much of February before pausing into March....
market risks

Treasury Bonds No Longer The Safe Bet

January's low in treasury yields and the consequent high in the price of treasurys has been generating a lot of speculation among traders and...
us treasury bonds

A Market ‘Tell’ From Treasuries?

With US equity indexes decidedly range-bound over the past six weeks, it’s a difficult environment for all but the most nimble swing trader. Until...
market risks

The Bond Market Blues: In 3 Charts

The warning signs coming from the bond market are getting louder and louder as investors received a fresh red flag signal last week. Let me...
bond yields

Chart: 10 Year Yield Falling Into Fibonacci Support

The 10 year yield continues to dip lower and is now in the 'meat' of Fibonacci support at 2.47%-2.43%. Only a break below 2.30%...
forex analysis

USDJPY Breaking Higher: Will Bond Yields Play Catch Up?

Traders, I'd like to share an interesting inter-market relationship with you this morning. In the chart below, I've tracked the USDJPY vs the 10 Yield...
technical analysis, stock chart analysis, stock charts, technical chart, chart analysis

Higher Interest Rates On Pause? 10 Year Yield In Focus

There has been a steady buzz about higher interest rates coming from the media and many institutional investors.  But are higher interest rates coming...

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